Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video of the Day - Daley v. Morgan

Paul Daley rebounded from his loss to Jake Shields with a smashing of John Alessio via TKO in the second round at MFC 19 in Alberta Canada on December 5, 2008. Daley is an absolute beast standing, with raw power and precision strikes. He needs to keep working on his takedown defense and ground game.

Here is Daley v. Sammy Morgan from January of this year. At around the 3 minutes left in the fight Daley lets loose some nasty knees then the big elbow.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Elite XC - Unfinished Business

Elite XC's second prime time CBS show featured four great fights in two hours. However, two fights ended in the first round and two fights ended in the second. This ended up in a ridiculous amount of filler. We did learn that both Gina Carano and Kimbo Slice will be fighting on October 4th.

*Cris Cyborg v. Shayna Baszler from photobucket


Antonio Silva def. Justin Eilers by TKO at 0:19, R2- Silva basically bullied the smaller Eilers around the cage, landing crisp punches and having Eilers nearly beat on several occasions. After getting a point deducted for punching the back of the head, Silva remained strong, and won in the second. Silva wins the HW belt.

Robbie Lawler def. Scott Smith by TKO at 2:35, R2- This was a very exciting fight, as Smith controlled the pace of the first round throwing leg and body kicks. Lawler counter-punched and kicked doing some damage in the process. In the second, Smith landed a good elbow that cut Lawler. Not wanting the ref to step in, Lawler went crazy, throwing everything he had a Smith, eventually knocking him to the canvas and getting the TKO victory. Lawler defends the MW belt.

Nick Diaz def. Thomas Denny by TKO at 0:40, R2- Diaz looked crisp while weathering an early storm by Denny. Wearing pink shorts with some pink in his hair, Denny did get Diaz down, and Diaz went for an armbar. In the second, it was all Diaz as he landed a rough shot to Denny's face, "clowned" him, and then got the TKO.

Jake Shields def. Nick Thompson by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:03, R1- This fight did not take long as Shields transitioned between a few submissions and another guillotine before locking up the finisher.

Cris “Cyborg” Santos def. Shayna Baszler by TKO at 2:48, R2- Baszler's ill advised leg lock attempt proved to be the beginning of her downfall. She ate punches from every angle in the second, and at one point Cyborg sent Baszler to the canvas. Thinking the fight was over, Cris jumped on the cage. As the ref restarted the action, it took a couple seconds for Cris to seal the TKO win. Horrible job by the ref in this fight, as Baszler was very dazed from the shot that sent her to the canvas.

Undercard: Some Fights will be re-played on Showtime
Anthony Ruiz def. Jeromy Freitag by Unanimous Decision (29-28 on all three cards)
David Douglas def. Marlon Mathias by TKO at 0:12, R1.
Rafael Feijao def. Travis Galbraith by TKO at 3:01, R1.
Wilson Reis def. Bryan Caraway by Unanimous Decision (30-27 on all three cards)
Carl Seumantafa def. Mike Cook by TKO at 3:39, R1.
Drew Montgomery def. Brandon Tarn by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 4:22, R3.

Sunday Junkie Entry - Belfort Victory

Here is my Sunday Junkie story that was published on mmajunkie.com (link on right side under friends section).


Vitor Belfort's dramatic knockout of Terry Martin was one of the highlights of "Affliction: Banned" that has gotten a lack of publicity. It isn't surprising as that weekend featured excellent performances by Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Arlovski, Josh Barnett, Anderson Silva and Rory Markham. While executing a near-perfect game plan, Belfort effectively counter-punched the ever-charging Martin, defended takedowns and waited for the perfect moment to unleash his will. That moment occurred in the second round as Martin went for a lazy double-leg attempt. Belfort brought a knee strike that connected flush with Martin's head. A dazed Martin needed only a couple more punches before he was out. Like Markham, Belfort didn't need to rush in with extra punches and instead leisurely strolled away knowing he had the victory. It is a sign that Belfort is growing more veteran-savvy as he has matured in the fight game.

"mma blaster"
Chicago, Ill.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Affliction: Fedor Style


A reported 14,832 were in attendance to see Affliction's inaugural show. The production was not quite UFC's level, but who cares about production values? I want to see great fights, and that's exactly what this heavyweight all-star card produced.

Paul Buentello def. Gary Goodridge via. Decision (Unanimous)- Buentello was able to push the pace and win the fight.

Vitor Belfort def. Terry Martin via. KO (Punch) R2, 3:12- Vitor stood and traded with Martin during the first which also saw Martin get some takedowns. In the second, Vitor began to string together standing combinations before bringing a massive knee to Martin's head. A big punch sent Martin to the canvas, with Vitor backing off as he knew Martin was KO'd.

Mike Pyle def. JJ Ambrose via Sub (Rear-naked choke) R1, 2:51- Pyle went from takedown to mount to rear naked choke.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Edwin Dewees via. TKO (Punches) R1, 4:06- Edwin Dewees tapped into his inner Krazy Horse Bennett as he tried some push kicks while in a corner with his arms over the ropes. Unfortunately, the strategy didn't work as Dewees ended up being crushed and sent to the canvas after knees and punches. While Dewees put up a valiant effort, he was simply out-matched when it came to boxing.

Matt Lindland def. Fabio Negao via Decision (Unanimous)- Lindland won a couple rounds to win the decision.

Renato Sobral def. Mike Whitehead via Decision (Unanimous)- Babalu pressed the action more and landed more strikes to defeat Mike Whitehead via decision. Babalu came close with a submission attempt and did more damage in this mostly one-sided fight.

Mark Hominick def. Trenell "Savant" Young via Submission (Armbar) R2, 4:25- After a Savant Young trip take down, Hominick cycled through a barrage of submission attempts before using a triangle attempt to get an arm bar.

Josh Barnett def. Pedro Rizzo via. KO (Punch) R2, 1:44- Barnett and Rizzo mainly kept the fight standing and as a boxing match in the first. Barnett would lunge in for takedowns after punching and kicking. Barnett landed a variety of kicks, including two spinning back kicks. In the second, he connected with a vicious left hook sending Rizzo down.

Andrei Arlovski def. Ben Rothwell via KO (Punches) R3, 1:13- Wow, Andrei Arlovski is back. He got the better of every exchange as he used Ben Rothwell's head like a punching bag on more than one occasion. After knocking Big Ben to the canvas, Arlovski kept bring punishment. He tried leg locks in two rounds, which were unsuccessful. In the third, Rothwell went down hard after a straight right and right uppercut.

Fedor Emelianenko def. Tim Sylvia via Submission (Rear-naked choke) R1, 0:36- Fedor's United States debut was an absolute explosion. The invincible Emelianenko stood and traded with the taller Tim Sylvia. Fedor was able to close the gap between him and his taller foe. Sylvia admitted that he, "has never been hit like that before." It took only seconds before Fedor connected with a punch flush to the chin of Sylvia and sent him to the canvas. As Fedor swarmed in, a dazed Sylvia was not able to stop more punches before rolling into a rear naked choke.
*“I don’t think Fedor is human,” Sylvia half-joked after the fight. “He is by far the best fighter in the world."

In his next match, Fedor may see UFC legend Randy Couture as his contract with the UFC expires in October. Josh Barnett and Andrei Arlovski are two other Affliction fighters who deserve a spot. Hopefully there is a number one contender match if the Couture fight happens.
*MMA Blaster pollsters picked Fedor to win 7-2

UFC: Silva Strikes Back

UFC's 3 hour broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night was also a fine fight card. Rory Markum pulled out one of the best high kicks in MMA history. CB Dollaway rebounded well as he pulled off the rare Peruvian Necktie submission. The main event also delivered, as Anderson Silva destroyed James Irvin.

Shannon Gugerty def. Dale Hartt via. Submission (Rear-naked choke) R1, 3:33
Brad Blackburn def. James Giboo via TKO (Strikes) R2, 2:29
Nate Loughran def. Johnny Rees via Submission (Triangle choke) R1, 4:21

Rory Markham def. Brodie Farber via KO (Head kick) R1, 1:37- Markum won the knock-out of the night on one of the best high kicks in UFC history. After being on the losing end of a few exchanges, Markum began backing up and eating two more shots. Then out of no-where he launched a high kick that struck Farber in the neck for the instant KO. After it landed, Markum walked away knowing his foe was out and the kick landed solid.

Timothy Credeur def. Cale Yarbrough via TKO (Punches) R1, 1:54- Credeur picked apart Yarbrough with punches, bullying Yarbrough for the win.

CB Dollaway def. Jesse Taylor via Submission (Peruvian neck tie) R1, 3:58- CB Dollaway was able to rebound from his TUF Finals loss. After a failed takedown, CB was able to get Taylor's back trying for a rear naked choke. Eventually, CB was able to get the unusual submission and Jesse was tapping. CB won the submission of the night bonus.

Kevin Burns def. Anthony Johnson via (TKO) R3, 3:35- Unfortunately, this fight ended the wrong way with Anthony Johnson losing via an inadvertent eye poke. In the replay, Burns finger clearly drove deep in Johnson's eye. Burns said he wanted to do the fight again. Apparently, Burns has broke the hand 3 times in 16 months and he only does palm strikes with that hand.

Cain Velasquez def. Jake O'Brien via TKO (Strikes) R1, 2:02- Valasquez was dominant in defending a takedown, getting the dominant position and raining down punches. He knocked O'Brien out.

Frank Edgar def Hermes Franca via Decision (Unanimous)- Edgar was able to win the take down battle for the victory. Edgar was also able to land effective elbow strikes which opened up a cut on Franca's eye. While Franca was able to attempt some submissions, he didn't quite have the energy to get one in the later rounds. One arm bar attempt looked close, but I don't think I'll ever see Edgar tap. He is a very tough customer.

Brandon Vera defReese Andy via Decision (Unanimous)- Vera's first cut to 205 didn't help his cardio. He lost quite a bit of steam quickly in the fight. Andy just didn't have the size or strength as he lost the unanimous decision.

Anderson Silva def James Irvin via KO (Punches) R1, 1:01- Silva punctuated the night with his absolute destruction of James Irvin. "Any little mistake and he makes you pay," stated commentator Joe Rogan.

Silva circled Irvin moving back and forth before shooting leg kicks. When Irvin threw a leg kick, Silva capitalized. He grabbed the leg and punched Irvin square in the face. While he was probably out cold then and there, Silva threw more punches before being pulled away.

In the post fight interview, Silva was very happy as he talked through an interpreter. He stated he would fight in either 185 or 205 pound divisions. In the end, Silva spoke in English thanking the crowd and dedicating the fight to his mom.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fedor v. Arlovski

It is rumored and confirmed on various mma websites that Affliction's second show will have a headlining fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Andrei Arlovski. While we haven't yet seen the ppv numbers for the event, the live gate of over 14,500 people generated around 2.1 million dollars. However, the amount of money shelled out in fighter purses seemed very high, and Megadeth seemed out of place.

Arlovski looked excellent in his victory over Ben Rothwell. But, Fedor's 36 second destruction over Tim Sylvia is more impressive.

*Unfortunately, there may be a snag in the match-up as Fedor has apparently suffered a hand injury that may have him out 4-6 months.

*Video of Arlovski v. Zenzov from MFC Euro Championships 2000.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Video of the Day - Carlos Condit and the Troops

Here is some great footage of WEC WW Champ Carlos Condit and some troops in Afganistan. It has been very inspirational to see so many mixed martial arts stars go oversees to put a smile on the troops faces. Condit is rumored to be facing former Pancrase and K1 fighter Hiromitsu Miura at WEC 35 on August 3rd.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Chuck "The Reverend" Grigsby Update

After Rev's debut in the WEC on June 1st, he has decided to train under Pat Miletich. We can look forward to seeing him fighting in a few months. MMA Blaster wishes Rev the best, and looks forward to seeing him fight again.

*Live the dream! Better, faster, stronger!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tito to Affliction

Tito Ortiz has confirmed that he now will be fighting under the Affliction promotion. He will most likely fight Renato "Babalu" Sobral at Affliction's second event in Las Vegas. Tito attributed Donald Trump's involvement in Affliction as one of the reasons he signed with the promotion.

Tito kept the UFC in the limelight during the dark ages, winning the LHW belt after Frank Shamrock left the UFC. He defended the belt five straight times. Victories over Vitor Belfort, Forrest Griffin, 3X Ken Shamrock, Jerry Bohlander, Evan Tanner, Yuki Kondo, Vladimir Matyushenko, Wanderlei Silva and a split with Guy Mezger.

*Here is a Mad TV Video - Big Man Deodrant
*MMA Blaster readers were right in predicting Tito would land in Affliction, the number two promotion everyone thought was Elite XC.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

UFC 86 Results

Forrest Griffin

Justin Buchholz def. Corey Hill via Sub (Rear-Naked Choke) R2 3:57
Gabriel Gonzaga def. Justin McCully Submission (Kimura) R1 1:57

Melvin Guillard def. Dennis Siver TKO (Punches) R1 0:36 - Guillard rocked Siver with some solid shots.
*KO of the night

Cole Miller def. Jorge Gurgel Submission (Triangle Choke) R3 4:48 - You can watch this one on UFC.com. It was a match that I had Gurgel winning going into 12 seconds left in the match. Miller locked in a triangle at the last second.
*Submission of the night.

Tyson Griffin def. Marcus Aurelio Decision (Unanimous)- Griffin was the clear winner as he unleased kicks, punches and lunging attacks to get the decision victory.

Josh Koscheck def. Chris Lytle Decision (Unanimous)- Koscheck was able to get takedowns and throw down elbows to win one of the most bloodiest fights of the year.

Joe Stevenson def. Gleison Tibau Submission (Guillotine choke) R2 2:57- This was an exciting fight as Steven looked for submission after submission. He had a very close attempt at a guillotine in the first, and ended up securing one in the second.

Patrick Cote def. Ricardo Almeida Decision (Split)- Cote barely scored a victory after losing the first round and probably taking the second two. Almeida was able to get takedowns, but got tired after the first. Cote had good energy, but didn't look like a guy who should be getting a title shot right away.

Forrest Griffin def. Quinton Jackson Decision (Unanimous)- Jackson won the first round with a punch that sent Forrest to the canvas. Rampage had suffered damage to his leg in the first however, which slowed him in the first. Griffin won the second round on more leg kicks. The rest of the rounds saw Jackson landing more punches and Griffin more kicks. I had it scored very close, as Griffin came out the winner.

With the win, Griffin has proved he is the real deal. It will be interesting to see what match-ups are possible. We could see Forrest v. Wanderlei Silva, Forrest v. Chuck Liddell, Forrest v. Lyoto Machida, or possibly Forrest v. Rampage 2.
*Fight of the Night

Friday, July 4, 2008

Affliction - Banned


Below is a rumored all-star card for the inaugural Affliction show. Affliction has a whopping seven current top twenty heavyweights according to MMA Blaster rankings. Almost every fighter on the card has fought on the main stage in the UFC, Pride, IFL or BoDog. The show will air on pay per view, and reportedly have a big music act as well. Megadeth has been mentioned as a possibility.


Fedor Emelianenko (27-1) vs. Tim Sylvia (24-4)- Finally we get to see number one heavyweight Fedor fight a legit heavyweight threat in former UFC Champ Tim Sylvia. Sylvia lost his UFC heavyweight crown to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 81. Fedor beat massive Hong Man Choi in his last fight. Sylvia will try to use his 6'8" frame and reach advantage to box with Fedor. Sylvia was 9-4 in the UFC.

Josh Barnett (20-5) vs. Pedro Rizzo (16-7)- Former UFC heavyweight champs Josh Barnet and Pedro Rizzo are squaring off against each other in this rematch. Rizzo has a KO victory over Josh at UFC 30, and last won against Jeff Monson in last September's Art of War 3 show. Below is a gif from Barnett v. Yoshida. Barnett has beat Monson and Yoshida after a very close split decision loss to Big Nog.

Ben Rothwell (29-5) vs. Andrei Arlovski (12-5)- IFL heavyweight sensation Ben Rothwell (29-5) should be in action against former UFC HW Champ Andrei Arlovski (13-5). The heavy-handed Rothwell last won a unanimous decision over Ricco Rodriguez in September. Rothwell is on a 13 fight win streak. Arlovski is on a three fight win streak against heavyweights Marcio Cruz, Fabricio Werdum, and Jake O'Brien. This will be Arlovski's first fight outside the UFC since May of 2000.

Matt Lindland (20-5) vs. Fabio Nascimento (19-5)- On the same note we finally get to see UFC/IFL/Bodog veteran Matt Lindland fight again. The former UFC middleweight contender has been on the shelf since his loss to Fedor at heavyweight last April. Lindland has been making a successful run at a state Representative spot in Oregon.
Matt Lindland
Renato "Babalu" Sobral (29-7) vs. Mike Whitehead (20-5)- Mike Whitehead is on an eleven fight win streak in the IFL and regional fight promotions. He is facing released UFC fighter Babalu Sobral. Sobral won his first match outside the UFC against Rodney Faverus (24-15). Babalu was booted from the UFC following the infamous David Heath choke incident.

Vitor Belfort (16-8) v. Terry Martin (17-4)- Another interesting fight is between Terry Martin and Vitor Belfort. Martin has won a boxing match and his last MMA match. Former UFC Champ Belfort won twice last year in Cage Rage, but hasn't fought this year. Vitor won the LHW Belt from Randy Couture at UFC 46.

Paul Buentello (23-10) vs. Aleksander Emelianenko (13-3)- Alistair Overeem recently defeated Buentello for the Strikeforce heavyweight title. Fedor's brother, Aleks, is coming off a victories over Silvao Santos, Dan Bobish, Jessie Gibson and Eric Pele.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (13-3) v. *Edwin Dewees (38-12)
Mark Hominick (15-8) vs. Savant Young (9-7)
JJ Ambrose (9-1) vs. Mike Pyle (15-5)

+Some fights will air on FSN before the ppv broadcast.
++Check out the Inside MMA show for more information.
+++The UFC will run an Ultimate Fight Night to cut away at the debut show.

Unhearlded Veterans

Here are a collection of veteran fighters who made their respective mixed martial debuts in 1996. More impressively, each has fought in 2008, making them 12 year veterans of the sport. With the lack of databases in the early days the records can sway a little. Fulton, Horn, Serrano and Reed all fought in Extreme Challenge 1 fought November 23, 1996 in Des Moines, Iowa. In the main event of EC 1, Dan Severn (85-17) won over Steven Goss. In 1996, Igor Vovchanchyn (47-9) threw heavy leather with 7 KO or TKO wins.

Travis "Iron Man" Fulton (184-45-9)- Travis fought only once in the UFC at UFC 20 in 1999 where he lost to Pete Williams. Travis has fought in the IFL, KOTC, Rings, World Vale Tudo and Iowa Challenge. His biggest wins were over Joe Riggs, Cal Worsham and Cabbage Correira. Travis has fought in over 80 fight leagues, many in the midwest and Iowa. He has over 120 submission wins and only 14 or so decision victories.Fulton also has over 30 professional boxing contests and ADCC submission grappling experience.

Jeremy Horn (79-17-5)- Jeremy has fought all over the world on the biggest stages. While a natural 185, he has fought matches at heavyweight. His biggest win by far was over Chuck Liddell. He also has wins over Chael Sonnen, Dean Lister and Josh Burkman. He has recently competed in the IFL and UFC 81. His first UFC appearance was a loss to Frank Shamrock at UFC 17. Horn has 49 or so submission victories on his record.
jeremy horn iowa state champ

Adrian Serrano (55-29-4)- Adrian made his debut in Reality Combat Fighting and has 37submission victories on his record. He has wins over Dave Strasser, UFC champ Dave Menne, Keith Wisniewski and Brian Gassaway.

Dennis Reed (42-43)- Dennis, of Team Extreme, won over Matt Anderson (12-7) in Extreme Challenge 1 and this May fought in Extreme Challenge 96. He has fought against Rich Franklin, Gilbert Yvel, Valentijn Overeem, Rashad Evans, and many other fighters during his career.

Ikuhisa Minowa (39-28-8) The Punk has the samari spirit, that is for sure. For all you that have been down on yourself, in his first ten fights he had one win, eight losses, and one draw. Ikuhisa kept at it, and since has notched big victories over Yuki Sasaki (21-14), Phil Baroni, Adrian Serrano and even Butterbean. He has the most leglock wins, 12, in mma history.

Keiichiro Yamamiya (34-22-9)- Keiichiro debuted in 1996 in the Pancrase organization. His biggest wins were against Nate Marquardt, Yuki Kondo, Chael Sonnen, Denis Kang and Chris Lytle.

Tyrone Roberts (34-9)- Also debuted in Extreme Challenge 1, beating Rick Graveson (18-13). In his lone appearance in the UFC 26, Tyrone defeated David Dodd via decision. In June, he deated Ryan Antle (8-11) at Extreme Challenge 100. The 185 pounder nicknamed "Native Warrior" also has wins over Adrian Serrano (55-29), Kyle Olson (23-20) and Clayton Miller (38-27). He has a 6 second KO against Jeff Wyatt (3-1).

Brian "Voodoo" Dunn (35-19-4)- Had nine wins in a row during 2000 and 2001. Has wins over Laverne Clark and Travis Fulton.

*All records have changed since this post was first drafted.

Ultimate Fight Night 14 aka Anderson Silva at 205

After Affliction's heavyweight all-star card was almost together, the UFC decided to launch a counter-attack. They are bringing a free card on Spike TV that has some star power, mainly in the form of UFC MW Champ Anderson Silva.

As you can see, there are 3 former IFL fighters making their UFC debuts.

Anderson Silva (21-4, 6-0 UFC) vs. James Irvin (14-4, 4-3 UFC)- Expect this to be a stand-up battle. This is Anderson's debut at 205 pounds. Anderson has looked unstoppable in his 6 fights in the UFC so far. In his last fight, Anderson beat Pride Champ Dan Henderson in the second round. Irvin is a stand-up guy, and has some notable wins on his resume over Terry Martin, Houston Alexander, Scott Smith and Doug Marshall.

Brandon Vera (8-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Reese Andy (7-1, 5-1 IFL)- Vera is coming off two losses in the heavyweight division to Fabricio Werdum and Tim Sylvia. He is making his debut in the 205 pound division, and it is likely his first cut to that weight. He usually comes in around 225 for his heavyweight fights. Reese Andy is making his UFC debut after fighting in the IFL. He has a 4 fight win streak but hasn't fought for a year.

Frankie Edgar (8-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Hermes Franca (18-6, 6-3 UFC)- Franca has been suspended a year for using steroids in the Sherk fight. Edgar was pushed around by a bigger Gray Maynard in his last fight and lost a decision. I wouldn't be surprised to see the loser of this fight go to 145.

Jake O'Brien (10-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Cain Velasquez (3-0, 1-0 UFC)- Both of these guys are big time wrestlers. O'Brien is coming off a loss to Andrei Arlovski in his last fight and may look to trade with Velasquez. Velasquez has earned TKO victories in each of his three fights.

Kevin Burns (6-1, 1-0 UFC) vs. Anthony Johnson (5-1, 2-1 UFC)- The Iowa based fighter Kevin Burns is coming off an outstanding submission victory over BJJ black belt Roan Carneiro. He has four straight victories. Johnson displayed extreme power in his hands in his KO's of Tom Speer and Chad Reiner. His only loss came via submission to Rich Clementi.

C.B. Dollaway (6-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Jesse Taylor (6-2)- This was the latest bout announced for the main card. CB is coming off another arm bar loss to Amir Sadollah. Taylor is coming off kicking out a limo window and acting a fool If Taylor wins it could potentially set up a bout with Amir Sadollah, but Sadollah may already be eyeing the 170 division.

Probably Not Televised
Brodie Farber vs. Rory Markham(IFL Vet)
Brad Blackburn(IFL Vet) vs. James Giboo
Nate Loughran vs. Johnny Rees
Shannon Gugherty vs. Dale Hartt

*Interesting Note- The UFC should look at fighter Jason High. He is (6-0) with victories over main card fighter Kevin Burns and under card fighter James Giboo.
Anderson Silva
*Cool Anderson Silva pic on photobucket

Don Frye - MMA Legend

By the MMA Blaster

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Don Frye (19-6, 9-1 UFC) is a true MMA legend. Every time he steps into the arena he brings an aggressive fire with him. He is probably best known to the internet community for the fight with Yoshihiro Takayama at Pride 21, when the two fighters punched each other hockey style in a wild fury with Frye coming out on top.

Frye was a wrestling standout at Arizona State University (ASU) where he learned under assistant coach Dan Severn. Frye would help train Severn for UU95, and Severn returned the favor to Don at UFC 8. Don won UFC 8 with three wins including a great one over Gary Goodridge in the final. Don also won the UU96 tournament, which included a crazy one minute and 22 second match against Tank Abbott for the title.

His 9-1 record in the UFC and the part he played in elevating the status of MMA in the United States should earn him a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. He was 11-1 before taking a break in 1997. He returned in September of 2001 winning after being eye gouged by Gilbert Yvel.

In his next fight he defeated kickboxing legend Cyril Abidi. He continued to fight in K1 and Pride in addition to being a coach in the IFL. His Dear Don segments for the IFL are classic, one is included below the highlight reel. Last January, Don won a fight in the No Limits organization against Bryan Pardoe (12-10) by way of a :47 second knockout.

*In Don's first MMA match at UFC 8, Don KO'd 410 pound Thomas Ramirez in 8 seconds.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Always Focused - Douglas Lima

In Depth Exclusive on Mixed Martial Artist Douglas Lima - text copyrighted

Douglas “The Phenom” Lima (11-1) is a mixed martial artist fighting out of Atlanta, Georgia. The up and coming submission specialist will fight for the AFL Welterweight Championship on May 30th. The American Fight League (AFL) has been making a name for themselves by securing established stars and top young fighters. The 20 year old Lima will bring everything he has to the table when he fights his next opponent, tough guy Brent Weedman.

Douglas Lima grew up in Goiania, Brazil, which is the capital of the Goias state in Brazil. While a youngster in Brazil, Douglas played soccer on a daily basis and dreamed of one day becoming a professional soccer player. Even though his neighborhood was pretty safe, there were certain dangers and criminal activity surrounding the 1.25 million person city. Looking for better opportunities the Lima family decided to come to the United States.

The Lima family arrived in Atlanta, Georgia when Douglas was eleven years old. As a youngster, Douglas’ love of martial arts began to grow as he first started to watch martial arts movies. He still remains a big fan of Jean Claude Van Damme and cites him as inspiration.

Douglas was 14 when he met Junior Assuncao and little did he know it would change his life forever. At the time, Junior was training in a local gym and invited Douglas to come train with him. Douglas enjoyed training and has not looked back since. Lima's early instruction was primarily in jiu jitsu and he was shuttled to and from practice by Junior. Needless to say, Douglas attributes much of his success to former UFC fighter and fellow AFL fighter Junior Assuncao.

Three years later at age 17, a promoter came to the gym and asked for an amateur fighter who weighed 170 pounds. Douglas had to get his mother to sign a waiver allowing her son to compete in mixed martial arts. Douglas went on to win his debut, his next two amateur fights, and then his first five pro fights. To his day, Douglas’ Mom and Dad both get worried about Douglas fighting and cutting weight, but understand that it is their son’s passion.

Unfortunately, Douglas tasted defeat in February 2008 against veteran fighter Matt Brown. When asked about his only loss, Douglas said, “It’s a fight I have learned a lot from. The fight taught me to train harder and harder. I got so tired in that fight. I have respect for Matt and I really want to fight him again. Hopefully it will happen soon.”

Since the loss, Douglas has upped his training regimen and won six times in a row. He currently trains six days a week, and two to three times a day. He concentrates on Muay Thai, kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu, in addition to strength and conditioning training. When not training, Douglas is able to work as a trainer of conditioning kickboxing and beginner jiu jitsu at Knuckle Up Fitness.

Asked to describe his fighting style, Douglas said, “I like to be aggressive in my fights.” The aggressive style is clear as none of Douglas’ fights have gone to decision and most of his fights end in the first round. When asked if he had a favorite submission, he said, “I like the triangle choke, I use that one in all the jiu jitsu tournaments I’ve been through.”

When discussing the upcoming AFL title fight against Brent Weedon, Douglas said, “I know he is a really tough guy. I’ve seen him fight a few times here in my town. I knew I would fight him someday. I like his style and the fight should be good. I can’t wait.”

One thing is for certain, Douglas trains with several elite level fighters who have fought on the worlds biggest stages for mixed martial arts. In his gym are Junior and Rafeal Assuncao, Roberto Traven, Diego Saraiva, Roan “Jucao” Carneiro and kickboxing legend Mark Selbee. Douglas is very appreciative of their influence on his career. He remarked, “I consider them to be more skilled and experienced than myself, so they always teach me new things. I’m thankful for all their help.”

When asked if there was anyone he would like to thank, Douglas said, “I would like to thank Bullet Fight Gear for sponsoring me in my upcoming fight. I’d also like to thank the AFL, Knuckle Up, all my trainers, family, friends, and anyone who supports me! God bless you all!”





*Thanks for Douglas for doing the interview
*Douglas next fights at AFL - Bulletproof on May 30, check out americanfightleague.com for details.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Old School On You - IFC: Caged Combat Montreal Canada

IFC: Caged Combat Montreal took place on April 2nd, 1999. The event took place at Kahnawake Sports Complex, Quebec, Canada. The broadcast features a ref with one of the craziest haircuts ever. It was a mullet with shaved sides featuring a full braided pony tail at the end.

The interesting thing about this event is that they wore 7 oz gloves as opposed to the traditional 4 oz gloves of the UFC. Matches were 15 minutes straight before a two minute break. Then there was a five minute overtime round. Championship bouts were 20 minutes straight with a 5 minute overtime.

The first bout saw Jordan Damon v. David Guigui. Damon won via a rear naked choke to advance in the Middle Weight tournament finals in around 6 minutes.

Next, JF Bolduc versus Reuben Lopez in the MW tourney. This was a rather uneventful fight with Bolduc winning the bout via a long decision.

Jeremy Horn (then 26-4-4, now 80-18-5) faced Todd Butler in the first of the heavyweight touranment bouts. Horn was denied a takedown, and then taken down himself. While on the bottom, he absorbed some blows before sinking in the arm bar. He was patient and got the elbow very extended before the bout was called. Butler looked to be in some pain after that arm bar.

Mike Morris v. Kristof Midoux (then supposedly 8-0)- Morris came in sporting a beard while looking a bit out shape at 250 pounds. The Frenchmen Midoux was sporting a background in Kyokushin Karate. Right as soon as this match started, Midoux bum-rushed his opponent smashing him with nasty low kick, then a right, left and right hand punches to the face before a nasty kick to the face sending in the ref. The KO was brutal as Morris lay unconscious for a little longer than normal. Morris was KO'd way before the ref stopped it, but he got up and was OK. It was a nine second KO.

Canadian LW (143) Championship- Richard Nancoo came out to a sweet Method Man song. Mark Fraser came in specializing in BJJ and Tae Kwon Do. Nancoo got the first take down before the fight was stood up. After tons of fence grabbing, the ref finally called a fence grab. Fraser got a deep guillotine in the first after the stand-up. Nancoo fought it for about a minute and a half before having to let it go.

There were some crazy exchanges from Nancoo and Fraser from the guard. The bout also featured a 30 second butt scoot segment. The championship bouts were scheduled to be 20 minute bouts with 5 minute OT's. Despite being completely exhausted, Nancoo was able to get an arm bar and tap out Fraser around 10 minutes in the first round. Nancoo ended up 8-3 according to Sherdog.

Women's World Heavy Weight Championship- this was the first women's mma bout in Canada and featured challenger Angel Amoroso 5'6", 175 pounds against Zee Vjesalicu, 5'4" and 192 pounds, who looked a little manly. She came out to Rush and look intense. Amaroso and Zee exchanged shots to the body in the beginning of the fight. Amoroso tried a guillotine but ate shots to the body. Zee then got an excellent throw take down landing in side control. Zee then got the arm bar and the tap for the belt in 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Zee is still undefeated in MMA having last fought in 1999 with a 7-0 record according to Sherdog.

MW Championship (170) Jordan Damon from Syracuse, NY entered to a Vanilla Ice, "Ice Ice Baby" rock remix for the finals. Damon faced JF Bolduc who came out looking a little fatigued after his 20 minute battle. Jordan Damon immediately got a take down as Bultuc got weak guillotine attempt.

Next Damon was taken down but looked for opportunities. Damon seized the arm from the bottom and looked to extend the arm bar pretty good before getting the tap out in 3:38 seconds of the first round. Jordan Damon got the sweet MW Belt Tournament belt. Damon would go on to go 5-2 according to Sherdog, but that record probably isn't very accurate if you took his announced record at the time of the fight.

Next was the IFC HW Tourney championship, which started with Jeremy Horn came out to "Working Overtime" for the championship bout. Unfortunately, Midoux extended his elbow and was not able to compete. You would think it would be hard to get injured in 9 seconds, but Midoux was able to do it. Horn won the IFC Heavyweight Tourney Championship via default.

The World Heavyweight Superfight contest was between the ironman Travis Fulton at this time 71 fights total and being referred to as the Iron Man versus Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko.

Kindly, The IFC showed lengthy highlights of two tournament championship fights. His first IFC bout was against Fout Moller, whom Fulton destroyed by throwing a vicious right and left for a KO. They also showed a fight against Eric Hill which Fulton worked over. Hill got a take down, but Fulton sunk the arm bar and extended his arm all over the place. Next Fulton rolled that to a triangle and Hill was tapping. At that point Fulton came in at a fit looking 224 pounds.

Vladdy came in at 212, definately one of the lightest heavyweight champions in an MMA organization. The announcers showed highlights of his arm bar victory over Vernon White and nasty ground and pound victories over Robert LaLonde and Anthony Macias.

The fight started with the Janitor getting punches before getting a takdown off a failed Fulton guillotine attempt. With Vladdy on top he defended against Fulton's sumbissions and punches. Fulton (then 53-12-4, now 189-45-10) and Vladdy (then 7-0 now 21-3) exchanged some big strikes, each eating some. Travis then pulled guard and allowed some take downs. Vladdy got a front choke that didn't work. He then got a keylock that was defended.

After another standup, Vladdy landed a nasty low kick and then got a takedown, to side control to an awesome side choke to force the tapout. Vladdy got the win to retain the IFC Heavyweight "Superfight" Championship.

Video of the Day - Buckner v. Kedzie

Here is the fight between Amanda Buckner and Julie Kedzie from Bodog Fight from 12/16/08. The status of Bodog Fight is still up in the air, but they were still advertised on the Strikeforce cage a little while back. The last Bodog event was in April titled, Russia v. World, but didn't have any starpower.

Video of the Day- Franklin v. Eastman

Here is Rich Franklin v. Marvin Eastman from WFA 1 which took place on 11/3/01. This fight took place a year and a half before Franklin's call-up to the UFC at UFC 42.