Monday, July 21, 2008

UFC: Silva Strikes Back

UFC's 3 hour broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night was also a fine fight card. Rory Markum pulled out one of the best high kicks in MMA history. CB Dollaway rebounded well as he pulled off the rare Peruvian Necktie submission. The main event also delivered, as Anderson Silva destroyed James Irvin.

Shannon Gugerty def. Dale Hartt via. Submission (Rear-naked choke) R1, 3:33
Brad Blackburn def. James Giboo via TKO (Strikes) R2, 2:29
Nate Loughran def. Johnny Rees via Submission (Triangle choke) R1, 4:21

Rory Markham def. Brodie Farber via KO (Head kick) R1, 1:37- Markum won the knock-out of the night on one of the best high kicks in UFC history. After being on the losing end of a few exchanges, Markum began backing up and eating two more shots. Then out of no-where he launched a high kick that struck Farber in the neck for the instant KO. After it landed, Markum walked away knowing his foe was out and the kick landed solid.

Timothy Credeur def. Cale Yarbrough via TKO (Punches) R1, 1:54- Credeur picked apart Yarbrough with punches, bullying Yarbrough for the win.

CB Dollaway def. Jesse Taylor via Submission (Peruvian neck tie) R1, 3:58- CB Dollaway was able to rebound from his TUF Finals loss. After a failed takedown, CB was able to get Taylor's back trying for a rear naked choke. Eventually, CB was able to get the unusual submission and Jesse was tapping. CB won the submission of the night bonus.

Kevin Burns def. Anthony Johnson via (TKO) R3, 3:35- Unfortunately, this fight ended the wrong way with Anthony Johnson losing via an inadvertent eye poke. In the replay, Burns finger clearly drove deep in Johnson's eye. Burns said he wanted to do the fight again. Apparently, Burns has broke the hand 3 times in 16 months and he only does palm strikes with that hand.

Cain Velasquez def. Jake O'Brien via TKO (Strikes) R1, 2:02- Valasquez was dominant in defending a takedown, getting the dominant position and raining down punches. He knocked O'Brien out.

Frank Edgar def Hermes Franca via Decision (Unanimous)- Edgar was able to win the take down battle for the victory. Edgar was also able to land effective elbow strikes which opened up a cut on Franca's eye. While Franca was able to attempt some submissions, he didn't quite have the energy to get one in the later rounds. One arm bar attempt looked close, but I don't think I'll ever see Edgar tap. He is a very tough customer.

Brandon Vera defReese Andy via Decision (Unanimous)- Vera's first cut to 205 didn't help his cardio. He lost quite a bit of steam quickly in the fight. Andy just didn't have the size or strength as he lost the unanimous decision.

Anderson Silva def James Irvin via KO (Punches) R1, 1:01- Silva punctuated the night with his absolute destruction of James Irvin. "Any little mistake and he makes you pay," stated commentator Joe Rogan.

Silva circled Irvin moving back and forth before shooting leg kicks. When Irvin threw a leg kick, Silva capitalized. He grabbed the leg and punched Irvin square in the face. While he was probably out cold then and there, Silva threw more punches before being pulled away.

In the post fight interview, Silva was very happy as he talked through an interpreter. He stated he would fight in either 185 or 205 pound divisions. In the end, Silva spoke in English thanking the crowd and dedicating the fight to his mom.

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