Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video of the Day - Rothwell v. Soszynski

Krzysztof Soszynski fighting Ben Rothwell at IFL - Legends Championship 2006 which took place on 4/29/06 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Rothwell next fights Brandon Vera at UFC 164.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video of the Day - Bartlett v. Spong

Here is star kickboxer Tyrone Spong making his MMA debut against Travis Bartlett at WSOF 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada which took place on 11/3/12.

In the past two years, Spong has kickboxing wins over Rey Sefo, Melvin Manhoef, Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky. Spong next fights Angel DeAnda at WSOF 4.

*Wow moment at 3:20

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Video of the Day - Rama v. Hackert

Here is rising HW prospect Smealinho "The Prince" Rama fighting Mike Hackert at MFC 36 which took place on 2/15/13 in Edmonton, Canada.

Rama (6-0) fights next on October 4th at MFC 38 against Anthony Hamilton for the vacant MFC HW title.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dan Severn - MMA Legend

Memories by the MMA Blaster
dan severn photo: Dan "The Beast" Severn untitled.jpg

On a cold winter night while in high school back in 1996, my friends and I went to the local Family Video and rented UFC 1-4. All we needed to see was "No Rules" to know that we wanted to rent those tapes. 17 years later and I am still watching.

Dan Severn (101-19), an Olympic alternate, was a hero of those early tapes for the wrestling crowd. As a high school wrestler, it was nice to see tactics I used work effectively in a fighting situation. In his debut, with a week or so of training, Severn suplexed Anthony Macias twice before executing a crude rear naked choke. That moment was the first jaw dropping use of wrestling in modern mixed martial arts.

Severn cruised his way into the UFC 4 finals against Royce Gracie, whom had previously won UFC 1 and 2. Severn was able to take down Gracie, and held him there while throwing strikes until Gracie secured a triangle choke just before the 16 minute mark. However, the Beast was born that night.

Severn came back with a more rounded game and won UFC 5, the UU 95 Tournament and the Superfight Belt, now heavyweight championship, at UFC 9. Severn continued to utilize his superior wrestling skills throughout his career while adding submissions and BJJ black belt to dominate his opponents. He was the third member inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame.

Dan's notable wins come over a who's who list of MMA from old to new school- Oleg Taktarov, Ken Shamrock, Forrest Griffin, Paul Buentello, Mario Neto, Dave Beneteau, Wes Sims, Paul "Polar Bear" Varelens, Travis Fulton, Justin Eilers, Dan Christison, Dennis Reed, Brad Kohler, Anthony Macias, Robert "Buzz" Berry, Cal Worsham, Ruben Villareal and Tank Abbott. With the amount of Indian reservations he fought at, his number of victories is likely upwards of 150.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Video of the Day - Metcalf v. Soriano

Here is rising prospect Sean Soriano fighting Lee Metcalf in CES "Extreme Measures" which took place on 2/3/12 at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

In Soriano's (8-0) last bout he defeated Elvin Brito at CFA 11 for the interim featherweight title. Expect him to fight again in the CFA, which is shown on AXS TV or get a call-up to a bigger promotion.

Worst Martial Arts Demo Ever

This is perhaps the worst martial arts demo ever attempted.