Friday, July 4, 2008

Unhearlded Veterans

Here are a collection of veteran fighters who made their respective mixed martial debuts in 1996. More impressively, each has fought in 2008, making them 12 year veterans of the sport. With the lack of databases in the early days the records can sway a little. Fulton, Horn, Serrano and Reed all fought in Extreme Challenge 1 fought November 23, 1996 in Des Moines, Iowa. In the main event of EC 1, Dan Severn (85-17) won over Steven Goss. In 1996, Igor Vovchanchyn (47-9) threw heavy leather with 7 KO or TKO wins.

Travis "Iron Man" Fulton (184-45-9)- Travis fought only once in the UFC at UFC 20 in 1999 where he lost to Pete Williams. Travis has fought in the IFL, KOTC, Rings, World Vale Tudo and Iowa Challenge. His biggest wins were over Joe Riggs, Cal Worsham and Cabbage Correira. Travis has fought in over 80 fight leagues, many in the midwest and Iowa. He has over 120 submission wins and only 14 or so decision victories.Fulton also has over 30 professional boxing contests and ADCC submission grappling experience.

Jeremy Horn (79-17-5)- Jeremy has fought all over the world on the biggest stages. While a natural 185, he has fought matches at heavyweight. His biggest win by far was over Chuck Liddell. He also has wins over Chael Sonnen, Dean Lister and Josh Burkman. He has recently competed in the IFL and UFC 81. His first UFC appearance was a loss to Frank Shamrock at UFC 17. Horn has 49 or so submission victories on his record.
jeremy horn iowa state champ

Adrian Serrano (55-29-4)- Adrian made his debut in Reality Combat Fighting and has 37submission victories on his record. He has wins over Dave Strasser, UFC champ Dave Menne, Keith Wisniewski and Brian Gassaway.

Dennis Reed (42-43)- Dennis, of Team Extreme, won over Matt Anderson (12-7) in Extreme Challenge 1 and this May fought in Extreme Challenge 96. He has fought against Rich Franklin, Gilbert Yvel, Valentijn Overeem, Rashad Evans, and many other fighters during his career.

Ikuhisa Minowa (39-28-8) The Punk has the samari spirit, that is for sure. For all you that have been down on yourself, in his first ten fights he had one win, eight losses, and one draw. Ikuhisa kept at it, and since has notched big victories over Yuki Sasaki (21-14), Phil Baroni, Adrian Serrano and even Butterbean. He has the most leglock wins, 12, in mma history.

Keiichiro Yamamiya (34-22-9)- Keiichiro debuted in 1996 in the Pancrase organization. His biggest wins were against Nate Marquardt, Yuki Kondo, Chael Sonnen, Denis Kang and Chris Lytle.

Tyrone Roberts (34-9)- Also debuted in Extreme Challenge 1, beating Rick Graveson (18-13). In his lone appearance in the UFC 26, Tyrone defeated David Dodd via decision. In June, he deated Ryan Antle (8-11) at Extreme Challenge 100. The 185 pounder nicknamed "Native Warrior" also has wins over Adrian Serrano (55-29), Kyle Olson (23-20) and Clayton Miller (38-27). He has a 6 second KO against Jeff Wyatt (3-1).

Brian "Voodoo" Dunn (35-19-4)- Had nine wins in a row during 2000 and 2001. Has wins over Laverne Clark and Travis Fulton.

*All records have changed since this post was first drafted.

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