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Old School On You - IFC: Caged Combat Montreal Canada

IFC: Caged Combat Montreal took place on April 2nd, 1999. The event took place at Kahnawake Sports Complex, Quebec, Canada. The broadcast features a ref with one of the craziest haircuts ever. It was a mullet with shaved sides featuring a full braided pony tail at the end.

The interesting thing about this event is that they wore 7 oz gloves as opposed to the traditional 4 oz gloves of the UFC. Matches were 15 minutes straight before a two minute break. Then there was a five minute overtime round. Championship bouts were 20 minutes straight with a 5 minute overtime.

The first bout saw Jordan Damon v. David Guigui. Damon won via a rear naked choke to advance in the Middle Weight tournament finals in around 6 minutes.

Next, JF Bolduc versus Reuben Lopez in the MW tourney. This was a rather uneventful fight with Bolduc winning the bout via a long decision.

Jeremy Horn (then 26-4-4, now 80-18-5) faced Todd Butler in the first of the heavyweight touranment bouts. Horn was denied a takedown, and then taken down himself. While on the bottom, he absorbed some blows before sinking in the arm bar. He was patient and got the elbow very extended before the bout was called. Butler looked to be in some pain after that arm bar.

Mike Morris v. Kristof Midoux (then supposedly 8-0)- Morris came in sporting a beard while looking a bit out shape at 250 pounds. The Frenchmen Midoux was sporting a background in Kyokushin Karate. Right as soon as this match started, Midoux bum-rushed his opponent smashing him with nasty low kick, then a right, left and right hand punches to the face before a nasty kick to the face sending in the ref. The KO was brutal as Morris lay unconscious for a little longer than normal. Morris was KO'd way before the ref stopped it, but he got up and was OK. It was a nine second KO.

Canadian LW (143) Championship- Richard Nancoo came out to a sweet Method Man song. Mark Fraser came in specializing in BJJ and Tae Kwon Do. Nancoo got the first take down before the fight was stood up. After tons of fence grabbing, the ref finally called a fence grab. Fraser got a deep guillotine in the first after the stand-up. Nancoo fought it for about a minute and a half before having to let it go.

There were some crazy exchanges from Nancoo and Fraser from the guard. The bout also featured a 30 second butt scoot segment. The championship bouts were scheduled to be 20 minute bouts with 5 minute OT's. Despite being completely exhausted, Nancoo was able to get an arm bar and tap out Fraser around 10 minutes in the first round. Nancoo ended up 8-3 according to Sherdog.

Women's World Heavy Weight Championship- this was the first women's mma bout in Canada and featured challenger Angel Amoroso 5'6", 175 pounds against Zee Vjesalicu, 5'4" and 192 pounds, who looked a little manly. She came out to Rush and look intense. Amaroso and Zee exchanged shots to the body in the beginning of the fight. Amoroso tried a guillotine but ate shots to the body. Zee then got an excellent throw take down landing in side control. Zee then got the arm bar and the tap for the belt in 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Zee is still undefeated in MMA having last fought in 1999 with a 7-0 record according to Sherdog.

MW Championship (170) Jordan Damon from Syracuse, NY entered to a Vanilla Ice, "Ice Ice Baby" rock remix for the finals. Damon faced JF Bolduc who came out looking a little fatigued after his 20 minute battle. Jordan Damon immediately got a take down as Bultuc got weak guillotine attempt.

Next Damon was taken down but looked for opportunities. Damon seized the arm from the bottom and looked to extend the arm bar pretty good before getting the tap out in 3:38 seconds of the first round. Jordan Damon got the sweet MW Belt Tournament belt. Damon would go on to go 5-2 according to Sherdog, but that record probably isn't very accurate if you took his announced record at the time of the fight.

Next was the IFC HW Tourney championship, which started with Jeremy Horn came out to "Working Overtime" for the championship bout. Unfortunately, Midoux extended his elbow and was not able to compete. You would think it would be hard to get injured in 9 seconds, but Midoux was able to do it. Horn won the IFC Heavyweight Tourney Championship via default.

The World Heavyweight Superfight contest was between the ironman Travis Fulton at this time 71 fights total and being referred to as the Iron Man versus Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko.

Kindly, The IFC showed lengthy highlights of two tournament championship fights. His first IFC bout was against Fout Moller, whom Fulton destroyed by throwing a vicious right and left for a KO. They also showed a fight against Eric Hill which Fulton worked over. Hill got a take down, but Fulton sunk the arm bar and extended his arm all over the place. Next Fulton rolled that to a triangle and Hill was tapping. At that point Fulton came in at a fit looking 224 pounds.

Vladdy came in at 212, definately one of the lightest heavyweight champions in an MMA organization. The announcers showed highlights of his arm bar victory over Vernon White and nasty ground and pound victories over Robert LaLonde and Anthony Macias.

The fight started with the Janitor getting punches before getting a takdown off a failed Fulton guillotine attempt. With Vladdy on top he defended against Fulton's sumbissions and punches. Fulton (then 53-12-4, now 189-45-10) and Vladdy (then 7-0 now 21-3) exchanged some big strikes, each eating some. Travis then pulled guard and allowed some take downs. Vladdy got a front choke that didn't work. He then got a keylock that was defended.

After another standup, Vladdy landed a nasty low kick and then got a takedown, to side control to an awesome side choke to force the tapout. Vladdy got the win to retain the IFC Heavyweight "Superfight" Championship.

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