Thursday, April 30, 2009

TUF 9 - Ep 5 - Split

This episode featured two fights, one in the 155 and one in the 170 division. At this point in the show, Team USA is getting frustrated with the situation of living without family, friends, television, books, music, ect.

Team UK seems to be having fun, playing soccer in the backyard, or garden in Team UK talk. To make matters worst, USA teammate Cameron Dollar rubs most the wrong way and brags about sexual exploits and fighting skills. Dollar seems like a young guy who needs to be humbled.

The first fight features Andre Winner v. Santino DeFranco. DeFranco seemed to be landing kicks and working for a takedown to begin the round. Winner was content to throw counter punches and take his time. Near the end of the round, Defranco attempted a single leg and missed. Instead of regrouping, he pulled guard.

From there, DeFranco came close with a triangle, omaplata and armbar. Winner powered out, and started throwing punches. Instead of trying to get up or rolling, DeFranco did what he did in his first fight, sat there, covered up, and took punches. This time, the ref called a stoppage.

In the second fight, Dean Amasinger fought Damarques Johnson in the 170 pound division. Johnson was calm before the fight and really seems to enjoy his craft, saying a prayer inside the cage before the fight. Mysteriously, Team UK coach Michael Bisping was nowhere to be found.

During the fight, punches were thrown and Amasinger found himself in the same position as his first fight, nearly caught in a triangle. This time, Johnson finished off the triangle, forcing a submission in the first round.

As it stands, Team UK leads 2-1.

Second Round UK- LW Andre Winner, WW Nick Osipczak
Second Round USA- WW Damarques Johnson

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video of the Day - Miller v. Hose

Here is Jason "Mayhem" Miller v. Kala Hose from Kingdom MMA - Miller v. Hose. The fight was for the Kingdom MW belt. Mayhem's next match will be against Jacare Souza in the next Dream show.

Mayhem has gained increased popularity for his MTV show Bully Beatdown. There have been varying opinions as to the shows authenticity that has featured former Elite XC fighters Jake Shields and Jon Murphy.

*Thomas "Wildman" Denny was the only pro fighter not to get the majority of the bully's fight purse. The bully basically stalled for three minutes during the grappling round, then took a 3 minute beating in kickboxing.

*Jon Murphy probably laid the biggest beatdown on his opponent, getting all $10,000 to go to the "victim." The bully got worked over in the grappling and dislocated his shoulder after eating a few punches during kickboxing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Video of the Day - Jose Canseco

Here is Jose Canseco facing Vai Sikahema in Atlantic City. Jose is supposed to fight Hong Man Choi at Dream 9 in May in an MMA match. Jose boasts a background in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TUF 9 Episode 4 - UK Strikes First

With the Team USA having the first pick, Dan Henderson chooses Mark Miller to face Nick Osipczak. It was learned at that point that it had been two weeks since the Team UK fights, while Team USA was running on 4 days rest. Miller had taken quite a bit of punishment in his fight, but Dan Henderson was impressed with him.

Team UK coaches were given the opportunity to watch Miller's fight as they hadn't seen it live. They were able to pick apart his fighting style while watching on video without the distraction of the other coach. Bisping found chinks in Miller's armor regarding him throwing jabs and the times he drops his hands.

Osipczak explained him being in Kung Fu for two years and dominating before getting into MMA. Osipczak was ready for a brawl and the two fighters delivered. Bisping believed the best plan would be for Osipczak to go for the takedown.

Miller and Osipczak slugged it out for two rounds. It seemed at times that Miller landed some power shots, but Osipszak took everything he had. When Osipszak got the fight to the ground in the first, Miller nearly got a kimura lock. After a scramble, Miller almost got trapped in a guillotine. He nearly tapped, but eventually got out of the move.

In the second, both fighters brawl against before Osipczak attempts another takedown. This time Miller goes for his own guillotine. However, Osipczak gets side control and gets out of the submission. From there, Osipczak gets some clean elbow shots in. After they get to the feet, Osipczak looks down and fires a leg kick to Miller's head knocking him out. He explains that it is the oldest trick in the book.

This was a very entertaining fight, but one Miller would sure like to do over. With the win, Team UK gets control of the fight selection for the next fight at 155 pounds.
map! Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicago Golden Gloves

I went to Chicago's Golden Gloves on Friday, April 17th to see some classic Chicago boxing. The amateur boxers fight with enormous heart and with general admission for $15, and $4 Corona beers, you get a good bang for your entertainment dollar. Famous champs include Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Tom Zbikowski and Michael "The Lord of the Dance" Flatley. Zbikowski, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, was in attendance and gave out a trophy.
(Zbitkowski giving out a trophy, I think to Jim Murphy)

The event featured close to 2,000 or so spectators in the gym. The crowd featured many of the boxers friends, family and training partners. Irish Jimmy Murphy probably got the biggest applause of the night. Murphy didn't disappoint in his fight, throwing fast and powerful combinations with good footwork. He seemed to land the hook to the head and body, having his opponent stunned at one point.

Another stand-out performance was that of Amanda Ginski. Ginski had some good power punches, showing good head movement and patience. There were three female fights on the night and all the ladies fought hard.

Results from Friday:

F119SN Natalie Malik DEC over Amanda Reicke
119O Darres Smith DEC over Jose Luis Fernandez
125SN Francisco Saldana DEC over John Chow
F139 Devin Young DEC over Adrienne Nicolosi
147 Michael Logan DEC over Jaime Herrera
147F Kristin Gearhart DEC over Holly Ford
156 Jim Murphy DEC over Jaumor Willaims
156F Amanda Ginski TKO, R2 over Tanisha McKinty
165 Tracy Rollins DEC over Ramon Valenzuela
200 Lamar Fenner DEC over Robert Jekabson
201+ Dana Boughton DEC over Brandon Lee

(Devin Young red v. Adrienne Nicolosi blue I believe)

(Gail Fisher from Comcast Sportsnet presenting a belt)

More Golden Gloves info at

Monday, April 20, 2009

UFC 97 - Liddell Gone

UFC 97 was kind of a sad affair for die hard MMA fans. The card likely ended the Chuck Liddell era in MMA. Liddell was knocked out yet again, his 3rd KO loss, 4th overall in his past 5 fights. Dana White has been adament that if the Iceman didn't win and have a good performance that he would no longer be a fighter in the UFC. Liddell has had a masterful career, building the UFC while winning the LHW belt and defending 4 times. He is a sure fire UFC Hall of Famer.

Also, for the second straight time, Anderson Silva put on a lackluster performance. Thales Leites didn't want to engage the entire fight, and began flopping in the third round. However, Silva still seemed to have some advantages that he just didn't take advantage of.

Anderson Silva def Thales Leites via unanimous dec-
Silva looked tenative the entire fight. He brutalized Leites lead leg the entire fight with inside and outside leg kicks, front kicks to the knee, and near the end punches to the knee. Silva also landed a couple body kicks and came close on a high kick. Problem was, there was so much feeling out time that the crowd got angry.

Leites best offense came with a takedown. But, while there he was blasted with Silva elbows and the fight eventually was stood back up. The fight was the first to go to decision for Silva since 2004 and the first to go past 15 minutes. Silva could face Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt or Demian Maia next.

Sam Stout def Matt Wiman via unanimous dec- Stout and Wiman had a solid fight lasting the full frame. Wiman scored more on takedowns, while Stout got the better of the action standing. Wiman came close in the third by taking Stout's back and nearly getting the rear naked choke. However, Stout did too much in the first two rounds to win the fight 29-28.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua def Chuck Liddell via TKO (strikes) R1, 4:28
- Both fighters briefly exchanged punches before Rua got a takedown. Like an expert, Liddell quickly got back to his feet. Unfortunately for Liddell, while throwing a punch, Rua countered with a left that sent him to the canvas. A couple more Rua hammerfists and the bout was called. With the win, Rua inches closer to a potential title shot. Liddell is likely retired.

Krzysztof Soszynski def Brian Stann via submission (kimura) R1, 3:53- For the second straight fight, Sosynski has utilized a kimura to win his bout. After trading leg kicks, both fighters clinched against the fence with some dirty boxing. After being seperated, Sosynski was successful in a takedown, landing in half guard. From there he worked the kimura to perfection.

Cheick Kongo def Antoni Hardonk via TKO (strikes) R2, 2:29- Kongo looked very impressive in his third straight win in the UFC. The first round saw Kongo get the better of Hardonk in the stand-up game, landing body and leg kicks. Kongo also managed a takedowns and good hammer-fists and ground and pound. The second was more of the same as Kongo overwhelmed Hardonk, landing a kick and punch that send Hardonk to the canvas, and ground and pound eventually ends the fight.

Luiz Cane def Steve Cantwell via unanimous dec- Cane landed the more consistent strikes to win the decision. Cantwell had a couple good looking head kicks, but they were blocked for the most part.


Denis Kang def Xavier Foupa-Pokam via unanimous dec
Nate Quarry def Jason MacDonald via TKO (strikes) R1, 2:27
Ed Herman def David Loiseau via unanimous dec
Mark Bocek def David Bielkheden via sub (rear-naked choke) R1, 4:57
T.J. Grant def Ryo Chonan via split dec
Eliot Marshall def Vinicius Magalhaes via unanimous dec

Cheick Kongo Pictures, Images and Photos
(Cheick Kongo Pictured)

Gerald Harris Exclusive Interview

The following is an exclusive MMA Blaster interview with former Ultimate Fighter 7 competitor and IFL veteran Gerald Harris. MMA Blaster thanks Gerald for his time and wishes him the best in his martial arts career.

MMA Blaster: Gerald, you recently won the NAGA Arnold Classic World Grappling Championship in the Advanced No Gi division, what was that experience like?

Gerald Harris: It was crazy just to be able to compete. A year ago, I couldn't have even made it past the 1st round, but I've been training in so many great places that my BJJ has developed very fast. Oh yeah, I got the s*** choked out of me in the semifinals but somehow managed to wake up and win the match.
(Gerald after winning the NAGA Arnold Classic)

MMA Blaster: How has your outlook on the fight game changed since your time on The Ultimate Fighter?

Gerald Harris: It may sound dumb, but I'm glad that I lost on the show. It made me work harder to improve and not rely on wrestling. I was blessed to be on the show and became good friends with Rampage Jackson. He showed me what its like to be a true champion. I witnessed some highs and lows of his career so the strong comeback victory over Wanderlei Silva was great. After attending his camps and training with some other great fighters, I realized that I wasn't ready for the UFC. I also left Team Quest for personal reasons, nothing against the members team. It's been a year now and I'm on a 5 fight win streak. I'm getting better everyday, so when I return to the UFC I'll be there for good.

MMA Blaster: What doors has The Ultimate Fighter show opened for you?

Gerald Harris: Somebody actually opened the door in the public restroom one time while I was taking a dump and asked me if I was on TUF 7. Along with that, a million myspace notes and crazy exposure. I have many sponsorships, a new agent, and I'm networking all over the country. I will take full advantage of TUF exposure and experience in order to improve my career.

MMA Blaster: Where have you been training lately? How has your training been going?

Gerald Harris: Training is great and I have a big list of places that I've been to. Arizona Combat Sports, Oklahoma Fight Club, Tulsa Combat Fitness, Wolfslair Gym, Big Bear Training Center, Ghost Dog Boxing, along with private lessons for BJJ and boxing.
(Gerald and Rampage at Wolfslair)

MMA Blaster: You have three victories in C3: Fights since the show, what is it like fighting in that organization?

Gerald Harris: It's pretty cool, they allow me to get some experience against tough guys then pay well so that I can focus on training and not just fighting to survive. I will be fighting for them on March 28th, so that will make win number 4. My goal is to stay unbeaten and learn from each fight.

MMA Blaster: Do you have an upcoming fight in C3? Do you know your opponent?

Gerald Harris: My opponent has changed numerous times, some people think they wanna fight me, but they have no idea how much trouble they are gonna be in once they lock that cage. I'm a different man when the cage is shut. I'm out for blood. They usually back out at the last minute. We have a few names, but nothing solid yet. I just train hard and prepare for everything.

MMA Blaster: Since The Ultimate Fighter you have managed to pull off four straight victories outside the UFC, five overall for an (11-2) record, how close are you to making it back to the UFC?

Gerald Harris: Honestly that's a question I can't answer. I could be (20-2) and it probably wouldn't matter. I have to wait until the window opens and the roster isn't so full. I'm not in a rush to get in the UFC, but I would love to be there. I'm gaining so much experience right now, that I'll be ready when they call. Until then I must continue to whoop ass.

MMA Blaster: What are your current goals in MMA?

Gerald Harris: I will be the champion of any organization that I join.

MMA Blaster: Would you be open to fighting in Japan? What do you think of the fight game and fans in Japan?

Gerald Harris: I'm open to fighting at the mall if it's sanctioned and pays well! Japan is great, I have a few friends that fight over there. My boy King Mo will be fighting this weekend and he's a huge deal in Japan, they love him. I've heard nothing but great things about Japan. I'm open to all options and I have some good offers that I can't discuss in this interview.

MMA Blaster: Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

Gerald Harris: My momma and daddy. My momma use to whoop my ass when I was little so I can take a beating and keep rolling. My daddy raised me to be a responsible hard working man. Other than those two it's Rampage, King Mo, and Kenny Florian.

MMA Blaster: Not to get political, but what are your feelings about Barack O'Bama getting elected? I was at the rally in Grant Park, it was a very intense and uplifting experience.

Gerald Harris: Barack is my cousin, so I was real happy for him. Just kidding, but really, I used to be a history teacher, so to witness an African-American become President is an honor and big step for the world. We were slaves in the mid 1800's and were barely allowed to go to school in the mid 1900's so it shows all people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

MMA Blaster: Any sponsors or supporters you want to give a shout out to?

Gerald Harris: Oh yeah, I gotta put them in here,,, Marc Ecko Clothing line, Unbreakable Mouthpieces,, Brookside Tattoos and Piercings and a special shout out to my boxing coach "Sweet Pea Macho Peppe Johnson" that's a long name huh?

MMA Blaster would like to thank Gerald for his time and candid answers. You can find more on Gerald at

(A picture perfect slam against Benji Radach in the IFL)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video of the Day - Defranco v. Guillard

Here is TUF 9 Team USA fighter Santino Defranco against TUF 2 fighter Melvin Guillard at ISCF - Domination at the DAC from 11/20/04.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TUF 9 - USA Team Complete, Ep 3

This weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter showed the remaining two slots of Team USA and some highlights of Junie Browning-esqe behavior. The fighters were also got a look at the house.

With two days to the last two elimination fights for Team USA, the fighters needed to stay somewhere and were sent to the house. The suburban Las Vegas house has been airbrushed to the T, with Team USA and Team UK areas. Team UK and USA meet and all seem to be on good terms. All fighters agreed that nobody would mess with anyone's food this season or sleep.

Then the Junie antics start, this time in the form of Robert Browning, Junie's little brother. The guy drinks a ton with two days before the fight, and acts like a complete idiot. While fighters are talking and starting to bond, Browning throws eggs onto the basketball court. He also calls out numerous fighter, proclaiming that he can beat everyone in the house. Meanwhile, all the other fighters are begging Jason Dent to beat him up.

During the training sessions both teams go pretty hard. Dan Henderson remarks that even if you have a little wrestling, you'll probably be better than Team UK. He said that ground and pound and takedowns could get a USA fighter into the second round. Team UK spends the time mainly sparring. Then we get to the last elimination bouts.

Kiel Reid vs. Frank Lester- In the beginning of this fight, Reid lands a decent right hand and gets a takedown as Lester looked stunned. From there, Lester looks to stand and Reid attempts a guillotine. After Lester gets out of that position, Reid looks for a takedown. While standing, Lester begins setting up a kimura, and with Reid looking to drop him with a double leg to take the fight to the mat.

Unfortunately for Reid, he knocks himself out going for the slam takedown. Lester capitalizes, working the kimura all the way through the full motion of the shoulder. Steve Mazzagati stops the fight very late, as Reid is KO'd and getting his shoulder mangled. Lester makes the house with his 3-2 record. Lester has won 3 fights in a row, his last over Lance Evans (2-3).

Jason Dent v. Robert Browning- Dent and Browning square off throwing decent kicks and punches each other's way. Browning isn't bad on his feet, with decent kicks, but then he tries to take Dent down. That proves to be his undoing, as Dent stuffs the takedowns and eventually starts to pound on Browning. With Browning on all fours, Dent throws punches to the body and knees. Unwilling to go for the choke, Dent lays on the punishment until the ref steps in.
(Jason Dent pictured)

*The episode wraps with Team USA winning the coin toss to pick the first match-up.

Team USA WW- Mark Miller, Damarques Johnson, Jason Pierce, Frank Lester

LW- Richie Whitson, Santino Defranco, Cameron Dollar, Jason Dent

Team UK WW- James Wilks, Nick Osipczak, Dean Amasinger, David Faulkner

LW- Andre Winner, Jeff Lawson, Martin Stapleton, Ross Pearson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video of the Day - Griffin v. Sayegh

Here is a video from Forrest Griffin v. Steve Sayegh from King of the Cage which took place on 12/15/02. Forrest will next take on Anderson Silva at UFC 101.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sengoku 8th Battle!

World Victory Road's "Sengoku 8th Battle" will take place this Saturday in Tokyo, Japan's National Yoyogi Stadium. The bouts will feature four second round 143 pound contests in the Sengoku featherweight grand prix. Have your DVR's ready, because the entire card will be shown live on HDNet.

Here are the bouts:

FW Grand Prix Bouts
Hatsu Hioki vs. Ronnie Mann
Michihiro Omigawa vs. Nam Phan
Masanoru Kanehara vs. Chan Sung Jung
Marlon Sandro vs. Nick Denis

Non-Tournament Bouts
Leonardo Santos vs. Kazunori Yokota
Maximo Blanco vs. Akihiko Mouri
Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro vs. Keiichiro Yamamiya
Stanislav Nedkov vs. Travis Wiuff
Michael Costa vs. Makoto Takimoto
Kota Ishibashi vs. Shigeki Osawa

(Travis Wiuff (54-12) in Yamma where he was crowned the champ)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TUF 9 - USA Edition

In this week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Team USA had its opening round to determine who made it into the house. The fights occurred after Henderson had beaten Franklin and was probably a week after the UK guys got to fight. That is a big advantage for the UK guys who get to lick their wounds for a greater amount of time.

At the start of the episode, we already have a guy fainting in Jason Pierce, who supposedly had just cut 11 pounds. Next we have John-David Shackelford being checked out by a doctor, informing him he has a contagious herpes legion on his forehead. Nasty. Moments later, Christian Fulgium fails at making weight.

Dana White is pissed by the start for the American team, drops about 25 f-bombs and remarks that Team UK is out to get them. I thought to myself that it sounded like a football coach saying something ridiculous to get you fired up. Finally the fights start.

Kevin Knabjian vs. Mark Miller- These were my two top 170 Team USA fighters, so it really is ridiculous they had to fight in the first round. On top of that, both are from Illinois and training partners.

The fight was very exciting as these two traded multiple punches, with Miller getting the better punches in. In the second round, Knabjian lands a big punch dropping Miller, but cannot capitalize after trying to get a heel hook. Miller makes it back up to his feet, lands a nasty uppercut, and then a bunch more punches to get the TKO. Awesome come from behind victory. Knabjian is pissed, not wanting to give Miller props.

Paul Bird vs. Richie Whitson- Whitson, donning red hair, was called "Shawn White" by Dana, referring to the famous snowboarder. Paul Bird is ready to fight,saying "this is my time to shine. I punch hard, I kick hard and I fight to the death. I'm going to kill this mother f*$@er.

As the fight starts, Bird is able to get a takedown and get the back, but Whitson bucks him off and gets to his feet. After wild punches, Bird fails to get a takedown and Whitson gets top position. From there he throws punches, gets Bird's back, then sinks in a rear naked choke for the victory.

Santino Defranco vs. Waylon Lowe- Waylon Lowe completely dominated the first round. Getting top position early, Lowe continuously rained down elbows and punches. However, Defranco was blocking all those punches. The second round was a different story, as Defranco connected perfectly with a knee as Lowe was shooting in. With Lowe stunned, Defranco eventually gets Lowe's back and sinks in a rear naked choke.

Steve Berger vs. Jason Pierce- This fight is reduced to a highlight reel as Pierce wins the first round by dropping Berger with a punch and trying to choke him out. In the second, Berger wins the round. In the third, Pierce wins the fight with a unanimous decision.

Cameron Dollar vs. Tom Hayden- This fight is also reduced to a highlight reel as Hayden gets the mohawked-Dollar's back and pounds on him for most of the first round. The second is more of the same until Dollar gets a reversal and submits Hayden.

Ray Elbe vs. Damarques Johnson- Elbe, a Muay Thai fighter, looked good in the first couple minutes, landing decent kicks. Johnson seems more confident with his hands, looking to punch. Elbe then tries for a takedown, but instead pulls Johnson onto him in the full mount position. From there, Johnson lays a beating on Elbe with elbows and punches, opening up a couple gashes on Elbe. From there the fight is called.

After the fights, it is announced that Jason Dent will now face Robert Browning for a spot on the show at 155. Kiel Reid will face Frank Lester for the final spot at 170.
united states Pictures, Images and Photos
Team USA WW's 170

Mark Miller
Damarques Johnson
Jason Pierce
*Winner of Kiel Reid and Frank Lester

Team USA LW's 155

Richie Whitson
Santino Defranco
Cameron Dollar
*Winner of Jason Dent v. Robert Browning

Monday, April 6, 2009

Video of the Day - Professor X

Here is Xaiver "Professor X" Foupa-Pokam v. Paul Williamson from UKMMAC 4 - Battle of Britian from 6/1/03 and against Kyacey Uscola from PFC 12 High Stakes from 1/22/09. Foupa-Pokam has awesome Muay Thai skills with devastating knees. Professor X next fights at UFC 97 against Denis Kang.

Professor X v. Uscola

Professor X v. Williamson

WEC 40 Chicago Results

Despite a snowstorm that kept some away, I was in attendance for WEC 40. There was a solid line-up of fights and they were entertaining throughout. I had seats that were up a few rows in the lower bowl, giving me a good sight line for the event. I saw Manny Tapia, Clay Guida and Raphael Assuncao up on the concourse, but it was a little tough to get a picture.

Miguel Torres def Takeya Mizugaki via unanimous dec- Torres and Mizugaki threw punches, kicks and knees non-stop for the entire 25 minute fight. Anytime Torres looked to connect with a punch, Mizugaki landed a kick. They battled hard throughout the fight, as chants of "Torres" could be heard throughout the arena. Torres attempted to bring Mizugaki to the ground, but he was just not having any part of Torres on the ground.
*Torres and Mizugaki win Fight of the Night.
(Torres in his corner before the fight)

Joseph Benavidez def Jeff Curran via unanimous dec- Curran came out as the hometown favorite, but the crowd didn't carry him in the fight. Benavidez landed the stronger kicks and punches of the fight to get the victory. His kicks landed sharp as you could hear the smacks in the audience. The action was fast and furious, but Benavidez had Curran's number.
(Benavidez throwing a kick)

Ben Henderson def Shane Roller via TKO (strikes) R1, 1:41- This proved to be one of the only come from behind performances on the card. Roller came out strong landing a combination that dropped Henderson. Roller then locked in a guillotine, but he didn't quite have it. Henderson then got to his feet and landed a left and a right to the temple which flattened Roller. He tried to grab onto Henderson's legs, but as the punches kept coming the bout was called.
(Roller goes for the guillotine)

Raphael Assuncao def Jameel Massouh via unaninous dec- Despite giving up a few inches, Assuncao was able to dominate the fight for all rounds getting a 30-27 score on all the judges scorecards. Assuncao was able to get the better of the fight with punches and kicks, and also got takedowns and submission attempts. Massouh almost came back near the end of the fight, but it was too little, too late.
(Assuncao giving up some height)

Anthony Njokuani def Bart Palaszewski via TKO (strikes) R2, 0:27- Bart Palaszewski suffered another setback losing his second straight fight in the WEC. The first round saw Bart eat a couple punches before getting a takedown. Njokuani got up almost instantly, and started throwing more cominations. In the second, Njokuani worked his jab before landing a big right hand dropping Palaszewski.
*Njokuani wins KO of the Night.
(Njokuani finishing off Palaszewski)

Dominick Cruz def Ivan Lopez via unanimous dec- Cruz dominated the fight with punches, kicks and takedowns. Cruz had good ground and pound throughout the fight getting dominant positions. In the third round, as Lopez was shooting for a leg during a scramble, Cruz accidently kneed Lopez in the head. With Lopez on the ground reeling back and forth, the fight was called. As the ref judged it an inadvertant knee, they went to the judges cards who scored it for Cruz.
(Lopez attempting to punch Cruz)

Wagnney Fabiano def Fredson Paixao via unanimous dec- Fabiano controlled the action throughout the fight en route to a 30-27 decision. Fabiano was able to get takedowns, ground and pound, throw good leg kicks and attempt some submissions. Fabiano also opened up a cut on Paixao's head early on.
(Fabiano ground and pound)

Rani Yahya def Eddie Wineland via sub (rear-naked choke) R1, 1:07- It was not Eddie Wineland's night as Rani Yahya basically steamrolled right past him. Yahya ate an elbow on a takedown attempt, got Wineland's back, sunk in the hooks and choke and it was lights out.
*Yahya wins Submission of the Night bonus

Akitoshi Tamura def Manny Tapia via unanimous dec- This fight was a hard fought war that was much closer than the 29-28 seen on all the judges scorecards. For all three rounds, both fighters traded punches, kicks and knees. Anything that Tapia did, Tamura had an answer. The bout stayed standing the entire time with neither fighter doing a ton of damage.
(Manny Tapia taking pics with fans)

Rafael Dias def Mike Budnik via unanimous dec- In the first fight of the night, Dias was the aggressor getting takedowns at will. Budnick attempted a couple submissions, but wasn't really doing much. Dias almost had a north-south choke in the second, but it wasn't secured tight enough.
(Budnick attempting a leg lock)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Video of the Day - Tuchscherer v. Eckerle

Here is a video of Chris Tuchsherer v. Matt Eckerle from Dakota Fighting Championships 9 - Dakota v. the World which took place on 3/24/07.

Chris Tuchscherer recently raised his record to 16-1 with a victory over Brandon Lee Hinkle at Beatdown 4 in New Town, North Dakota. The two time division II All American wreslter trains with Brock Lesnar.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video of the Day - Whitson v. Degroff

Here is TUF 9 competitor Richie Whitson taking on Joe Degroff (5-6) from the Alaskan Fighting Championships which took place on 3/7/07. As you can see, Whitson has pretty good hands.

TUF 9 Debut - UK Edition

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 debut featured 16 fighters from the UK trying to make Team UK and earn a shot to Las Vegas. Every fighter seemed ready to brawl and was hungry to get that ticket. The fights were staged at the Wolfslair which is coach Michael Bisping's home gym.

It was kind of awkward throughout the 8 fights as Bisping had 3 fighters from his gym trying out and a few more that he knew personally. As such, some fighters got a little more coaching than others. Regardless, I enjoyed the episode and the raw feel of a cage and only a few spectators.

These guys seemed to be matched up well. The only slight favorite to go down was Che Mills, who got a tough draw in the more experienced James Wilks. I had Che as a 2-3 seed, and Wilks around 4-5. Team UK's advancing lightweights might have more talent than the welterweights.


Andre Winner def Gary Kelly via KO(knee) R1- Andre Winner completely dominated the Wolfslair trained Gary Kelly. Kelly got stuck in a Thai clinch and ate a vicious knee to the face. Winner followed Kelly as he crumpled to the canvas and the bout was called. An oxygen mask was needed, but Kelly was ok.

Jeff Lawson def James Bryan via Sub(armbar) R1- Judo ace Jeff Lawson showed off some skills in his defeat of the younger James Bryan. Lawson executed a nice hip toss to get the fight to the ground, then went to work. After some posteuring, Lawson locked in an armbar to defeat Bryan.

James Wilks def Che Mills via Sub(kneebar) R1- Wilks ate some serious punishment from Mills until the fight went to the ground. Wilks leaned back and sunk in the kneebar with Mills responding too late. Wilks stated that he had been training in the US for the past few years.

Martin Stapleton def Dan James via Sub(rear naked choke) R1- Stapleton controlled the action standing, sneaking in punches on James. Once the bout got to the ground, all James could do was try to grab Stapleton's gloves before the rear naked choke was in. Stapleton, a military man, declared it the fight of his life.

Ross Pearson def A.J. Wenn via KO(punches) R2- Pearson and Wenn spent most of the first round in the clinch trading shots before Pearson snuck in two vicious standing knees to close out the round. With Wenn wobbled, Pearson smelled blood and attacked in the second round landing a left right combination followed by punches.

Nick Osipczak def Tommy Maguire via KO(knee) R1- Osipczak controlled the action from start to finish as Maguire seemed to run out of gas about three minutes in. From there, Osipczak threw a flurry of punches before a knee knocked out Maguire.

Dean Amasinger def Alex Reid via decision- Amasinger won by getting the fight to the ground. Reid attempted a number of triangles, but none were sunk deep enough.

David Faulkner def James Bateman via Sub(kneebar) R1- Bisping's training partner Faulkner went for a takedown early before getting in the clinch. After eating a little punishment, Faulkner got the takedown, rolling into a kneebar.

TEAM UK Welterweights - 170

James Wilks
Nick Osipczak
Dean Amasinger
David Faulkner

Team UK Lightweights - 155

Andre Winner
Jeff Lawson
Martin Stapleton
Ross Pearson
uk Pictures, Images and Photos

*By the looks of the next episode, it appears one of the potential Team USA fighters will have issues making weight.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UFC 97 Silva's Back

This Saturday, April 18th, Anderson Silva (23-4, 8-0 UFC) will defend his MW belt against Thales Leites (14-1, 5-1 UFC) at UFC 97 which takes place in Montreal, Canada. Silva will bring the thunder, as he was disappointed in his last performance, a TKO/injury win over Patrick Cote.

I was in attendence at UFC 90, and I can tell you Silva looked fast and dictated the pace during the fight with Cote. Silva didn't throw many strikes, but all landed with power and force. Cote injured his knee at the start of the third round. Silva will be looking to throw kicks, punches and knees to Thales Leites.

Silva has brutalized the UFC's 185 pound division, and even destroyed 205 pound heavy hitter James Irvin for good measure. Silva has victories over Rich Franklin, Chris Leben, Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson.
(Silva v. Cote at UFC 90)

Leites will have to utilize his BJJ if he wants to have a chance at victory. Leites hasn't won over the same level of competition with his big wins over Jose Landi-Jons, Drew McFedries, Gustavo Machado and a razor thin and controversial win over Nate Marquardt.
(Thales Leites pictured)

The co-main event features Chuck Liddell (21-6, 16-5 UFC) v. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (17-3, 1-1 UFC. Liddell has his back against the wall and desperately needs a victory as he is 1-3 in his last four fights. Rua meanwhile is also in need of a win and regaining his pre-surgery form. Rua has been devasted by knee surgeries since problems arose before his fight with Forrest Griffin.
Liddell Pictures, Images and Photos
(Chuck Liddell pictured)

Liddell is destined for the UFC Hall of Fame as soon as he hangs up his gloves. While he still has his trademark overhand right, at 39 years of age his time is running out. Liddell has wins over Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort, Guy Mezger, Kevin Randleman and recently over Wanderlei Silva. Rua was a Pride All-Star before coming to the UFC holding victories over Rampage Jackson, Alistair Overeem, Akihiro Gono and recently over Mark Coleman in the UFC.
Mauricio Shogun Rua Pictures, Images and Photos
(Shougun Rua pictured)


Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites- MW Championship
Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brian Stann
Cheick Kongo vs. Antoni Hardonk
Luis Cane vs. Steve Cantwell


Vinicius Magalhaes vs. Eliot Marshall
Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Denis Kang
Jason MacDonald vs. Nate Quarry
Ed Herman vs. David Loiseau
David Bielkheden vs. Mark Bocek
Ryo Chonan vs. T.J. Grant
Sam Stout vs. Matt Wiman

Anderson Silva Pictures, Images and Photos
(Anderson Silva pictured)

Ultimate Fight Night 18 Review

Ultimate Fight Night 18 got off to a bang and then really fizzled out. The broadcast was hampered by extended commercial breaks and hyping of The Ultimate Fighter 9 and UFC 97. With the Miller v. Browning fight ending in a minute and 58 seconds, they should have gotten another 2 minute fight in.


Martin Kampmann def Carlos Condit via split dec
Ryan Bader def Carmelo Marrero via unanimous dec
Tyson Griffin def Rafael Dos Anjos via unanimous dec
Cole Miller def Junie Browning via sub (guillotine choke) R1, 1:58


Gleison Tibau def Jeremy Stephens via unanimous dec
Ricardo Almeida def Matt Horwich via unanimous dec
Brock Larson def Jesse Sanders via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 2:01
Tim Credeur def Nick Catone via submission (guillotine) R2, 3:45
Jorge Rivera def Nissen Osterneck via split dec
Rob Kimmons def Joe Vedepo via submission (guillotine) R1, 1:54
Aaron Simpson def Tim McKenzie via TKO (strikes) R1, 1:40

Video of the Day - Erik Paulson Technique

Eri Paulson is an elite submission artist in the world of mixed martial arts. Here are two clips of leg locks. Debuting in June of 1993, Paulson was the first American champ in Japanese promotion Shooto, defending his LHW belt for 5 years. Paulson got his BJJ blackbelt under Rigan Machado. After a decision over Ron Jhun in 2000, Erik came back in 2007 with a 1:44 second armn bar over Jeff Ford in HDNet Fights 1.

Heel Hook After Being Mounted

Multiple Leg Locks

NCAA Wrestling Champs 2009

The Iowa Hawkeyes captured another NCAA wrestling title, edging out Ohio State. Some of these elite athletes will venture to MMA. Darrion Caldwell's run in the NCAA tournament earned him Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament honors.

Many of these elite athletes will try to continue a path of amateur wrestling, but some will come to mixed martial arts. Strength, conditioning, mental toughness, the ability to cut weight and quickness are all traits of most high level wrestlers. The biggest skill that transfers to MMA is the ability to take someone down and defend the take down.

2009 NCAA Champs and Runner-Ups

125- Troy Nickerson (Cornell) def Paul Donohoe (Edinboro) 4-2
133- Franklin Gomez (Michigan St) def Reece Humphrey (Ohio St) 5-4
141- J Jaggers (Ohio State) def Ryan Williams (Old Dominion) 10-4
149- Darrion Caldwell (NC State) def Brent Metcalf (Iowa) 11-6
157- Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska) def Mike Poeta (Illinois) 5-1
165- Jarrod King (Edinboro) def Andrew Howe (Wisconsin) 3-2
174- Steve Luke (Michigan) def Mike Miller (Central Michigan) 8-4
184- Jake Herbert (Northwestern) def Mike Pucillo (Ohio State) 6-3
197- Jake Varner (Iowa State) def Craig Brester (Nebraska) 2-1
HWT- Mark Ellis (Missouri) def Konrad Duziak (Duke) 3-2

Final Team Standings:
1. Iowa -- 96.5 points
2. Ohio State -- 92 points
3. Iowa State -- 84.5 points
4. Nebraska -- 78.5 points
5. Cornell -- 73.5 points

hawkeye Pictures, Images and Photos