Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UFC 2007 Recap

According to MMAjunkie.com, Spike will be airing a UFC 2007 recap show featuring the best of the 2007 UFC fights. In addition, the show will play some unseen fights from undercards. Alves v. Lytle from UFC 78 would be nice. There is no doubt the UFC has had a tremendous year in terms of growth. Really, the purchases of Pride, the WFA and the WEC were the highlights of the year. The stable of fighters the UFC currently boasts is definately better than any of the competition. What fights for the UFC were there best of 2007? What fights do you want to see that were on undercards?

The season goes from UFC Fight Night 8/UFC 67 to UFC 78.

Florian v. Mishima UFN 9
Couture v. Sylvia UFC 68
Edgar v. Griffin UFC 68
Stout v. Fisher UFN 10
Huerta v. Garcia UFC 69
Gonzago v. CroCop UFC 70
Penn v. Pulver TUF 5 Finale
Davis v. Taylor UFC 75
T.Griffin v. Guida UFC 72
Huerta v. Crane UFC 74
Alexander v. Sakara or Jardine
F.Griffin v. Rua UFC 76
Silva dismantling Franklin
Jackson v. Henderson
Jackson KO'ing Liddell
Liddell TKO over Tito

*I'm missing a ton of fights, fill me in

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