Thursday, November 15, 2007

TUF Recap Danzig v. Kolosci

Recap by the MMA Blaster

After Serra crushed Hughes during the first round of the tournament, 6-2, Dana White is ready to set the quarterfinals. Apparently Serra has some say in this, but you know Dana White is the guy who is really setting the match-ups. Kolosci wants to fight Danzig, probably still riding the Billy Miles upset momentum.

The match-ups are:
Danzig v. Kolosci
Arroyo v. Mandaloniz
Sotiropoulos v. Hightower
Speer v. Saunders

I don't like the Speer v. Saunders fight because I think they should have met in the next round. My guess is those two sustained the most damage in their wins therefore fighting with the most time to heal. To me, Speer is probably the #4 seed and Saunders the #3, and I would have Arroyo #5, Mandaloniz #6. I think it could set up an easier path for Danzig, who I am pretty sure the UFC is in love with on some level.

Danzig has been portrayed pretty much as a grumpy, condescending, know it all. This episode shows him trying to be a gentler, nicer guy. I don't know what to make of him other than I am not his biggest fan right now.

Arroyo and Hightower get shipped to Hughes team to train and be cornered by Hughes because of the 6-2 advantage for Serra. Sucks for them because Hughes as been kicking his fighters into oblivion during the show and not saying much in the corner. Serra says he won't be yelling from the corner during the two Serra v. Serra fights.

The Danzig v. Kolosci fight was definately one sided. Kolosci was physically taller and bigger than Danzig, so the gameplan was pretty simple, take Danzig down. Of course, it didn't work out that way as Kolosci was beat up in the fight from start to finish. After a brief exchange Kolosci went down and was hammered by Danzig before Kolosci managed to get back on his feet. Next Kolosci tried for that takedown, but Danzig was ready to trade, sprawl and counter. Danzig elbowed the head and behind the head, punched the head, elbowed the ribs, used the point of the elbow on the back and ribs, before eventually getting the rear naked choke. Danzig winner rd 1.

Mac Danzig vs Takumi Nakayama
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