Thursday, November 8, 2007

TUF Speer v. Koppenhaver

Breaking News, Blaster's Pick is Correct

Looks like the Blaster's premonition was correct and Tom Speer pulled off a win against Joe "War Machine" Koppenhaver. It was definitely no easy victory for Speer, as War Machine's first punch in their battle landed flush in the bridge of the nose. Blood gushed out of Speer's face as he quickly found himself in a rear-naked choke attempt. There were numerous times I Serra's team thought they had the fight won, but Speer persevered for two minutes of nearly getting choked.

Pulling a page out of the Matt Hughes playbook, ala Hughes v. Trigg, Speer managed to escape out of the seemingly close choke attempts. Then Speer used his farmboy spirit to pound the War Machine with elbows and fists for the rest of the round. The second round was all Speer, who was apparently, "still leaking" according to coach Matt Serra. Koppenhaver said it best when he discussed blowing his load trying to get the choke in the first, because with no gas in the tank Speer pounded War Machine for the entire round with elbows, punches and sub attempts.

*War Machine, if you need to catch your breath, don't throw a leg kick at a wrestler who is looking for a takedown.

**Neck grenade tattoo + bullet belt = Pure Awesome

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