Tuesday, November 6, 2007

UFC 78 Rashad Evans v. Michael Bisping

"Sugar" Rashad Evans (10-0-1) v. Micheal "the Count" Bisping (14-0) -analysis by Blaster

Both of these TUF winners are coming off of unspectacular fights that led to somewhat controversial results. Michael Bisping is coming off a split decision victory over Matt Hammill (3-1). Many fight fans, myself included, had Hammill winning that fight. Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans fought a hard and somewhat boring fight, with fence grabbing by Tito leading to a draw. Sugar Rashad will probably stand and trade with Bisping for the first round. I expect Bisping will get the better of the action standing, but one needs only remember the brutal Salmon head kick to know Rashad has been working on his stand up game.

Rashad's game plan should focus on taking Rashad to the mat with authority and smashing Bisping with elbows and hammerfists on the ground. Bisping is a well versed fighter, but I don't think Rashad will be allowing another display like the flying knee KO of Pointon on TUF. Bisping's strategy will probably include standing and popping Rashad on his feet.

Bisping's best victories are over Eric Shafer (7-3), which Bisping was taken down before unleashing a fury, and dangerous UFC vet Elvis Sinosic. Rashad's top victories include a brutal KO of Jason Lambert (23-6), Elite XC vet Jaime Jara (16-6), Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez (6-3 victory over Kendall Grove) and long time mma vet Dennis Reed (41-39). Bisping's best victories are over Eric Shafer (7-3), European fighter Jakob Lovland (9-3) and dangerous UFC vet Elvis Sinosic.

My prediction, Evans by unanimous decision.

Rashad Evans HL

Bisping v. Miika Mehmet

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