Saturday, November 24, 2007

TUF Thanksgiving News

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I have been out of range for the past couple days enjoying a Thanksgiving in the Boondocks. I did watch TUF this past Wednesday after my drive to the country. The episode was just about as predictable as it could be, except for Serra winning the coaches challenge.

This episode featured two 170 pound second round tournament match-ups Matt Arroyo vs. Troy Mandaloniz, and Richie Hightower vs. George Sotiropoulos. I always hate when there are two fights in a TUF episode because it usually means two very quick fights. Unfortunately, my prediction rang true and both fights ended in the first with Matt Arroyo and George both getting submission victories.

I'm going to reiterate my point that the Troy (2-1) v. Matt (2-1) fight should never have happened and was probably staged to get someone an easier route to the finals because in my book they are the #4, #5 fighters in the tourney. I would have split Speer and Saunders up to take them on. Well, I'll settle on seeing Saunders v. Speer next week.

Apparently Serra is out for his fight versus Matt Hughes and GSP has stepped in. Dana has decided that Matt Serra's back injury is severe enough to classify GSP v. Hughes III as an interim title fight. Dana has also said that Stevenson v. Penn is also an interim title fight. Does this mean most divisions will soon have two title holders? Can you believe that the last UFC 170 pound title fight was April 7, 2007? That is crazy. Serra won't fight for the title in over a year because of TUF and the UFC scheduling.

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