Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Randy Will Return, Just Wait

Fortunetelling by the MMA Blaster

I never believed for a second that Randy would walk away from his contract with the UFC. Randy likes to make money, but he also wants to fight. He is just one of those guys who truly enjoys fighting. While it is a job to him he would still be in the game regardless. If there was no MMA game I could see him making peanuts as a wrestling coach.

Getting back to the press conference, Randy Couture (16-8) basically made his case for a raise. When Dana and Randy meet to talk it out, Dana better have an extra 500K to spend on a bonus to get him to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (30-4). The UFC needs to have big title fights to sell ppv's and grow in popularity. (Sorry, Bisping v. Evans is not exactly a big name fight)

So pony up Dana, give Randy "face of the UFC" Couture some extra cash and some extra love, and get him in the cage to fight the Brazilian legend known as Minotauro. Randy has to know that this is the biggest HW fight that can currently happen outside a potential Fedor v. Barnett fight.

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All Star Training Camp Pre UFC 54
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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
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