Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chris Horodecki v. Bart Palaszewski Part II

Thank you DVR for recording the IFL. My thoughts on the Polish Hammer v. Bartimus

Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of the IFL despite its growing pains. The organization has legit talent with some on the level as UFC caliber fighters. That being said, they overextended themselves and have many that are one notch below UFC level.

Chris "The Polish Hammer" Horodecki and Bart "Bartimus" Palaszewski are definately at the upper echelon of the division and would have had no problems taking the TUF 5 Lightweight tourney if they had the opportunity. No offense to Nate Diaz.

The first round of the battle was hot and heavy, with each fighter laying it on the line with combo's. Horodecki peppered Palazewski's lead leg with inside and outside leg kicks. At the end of the fight I had absolutely no idea how Bart was still standing. Each kick had some serious snap and pop. After each kick a fearsome combination of punches followed. Bartimus did not back down either, he opted for more punching combinations. Horodecki had one flush head shot and Bart slipped and popped up quick, this sealed the round for Horodecki, but clearly wasn't a knockdown. I had the first round for Horodecki.

The second round saw Palazewski getting the better of Horodecki. After scoring a takedown, Bartimus was able to land some ground and pound shots before Horodecki escaped. I couldn't believe I saw Horodecki in the standing guillotine just like the previous fight, and wouldn't you know it he was right near the ropes again. This time the escape was not as controversial, and Bart stalked Chris for the rest of the round. I have this round for Bart, an argument could be made that it was a 10-8 round, but I saw it 10-9.

The third round was a barnburner as both fighters smashed eachother with fearsome combos. I couldn't believe how Bart was still on his feet. Horodecki got a takedown, and landed more strikes in this round, and I gave it to the Polish Hammer 10-9. The judges awarded the fight to Horodecki in a split decision. This was definately a fight that could have gone another round, and makes you want the 5 minute rounds in the IFL. For those that don't know, they have 4 minute rounds. In IFL Superfights, they typically have five, four minute rounds.

Chris Horodecki  (red gloves) vs. Bart Palaszewski
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Chris Horodecki  (red gloves) vs. Bart Palaszewski
Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM

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