Thursday, November 15, 2007

MMA Blaster gets question on MMA Junkie!

One of my questions for John Kolosci made it on during their "Ten TUF Questions" segment. Here is the question and answer. Did you come out of the fight with Mac with any injuries, serious or otherwise? It looked like you took a decent amount of punishment. The elbows to the body looked brutal. (from reader “MMA Blaster”)

John Kolosci: Yeah it’s really funny. My body didn’t hurt at all the next day. I don’t remember those elbows, I saw them on the show yesterday, and that was the first time that I knew that had happened. Everyone the next day was saying, “Man, how do your ribs feel,” and “Dude you took tons of elbows to the ribs.” But my ribs didn’t hurt. My body didn’t hurt. My face was the only thing a little bit sore. I had a couple black eyes and a fat lip. I didn’t even realize I’d gotten hit in the body so much.

Wow, I guess I am famous now. Read the rest of "Ten TUF Questions" on MMA Junkie.

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