Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Shamrock Doesn't Bring Luck

Ken Shamrock lost again on Saturday night, losing in the first round to Robert Berry. Ken came out with absolutely no gameplan. I expected him to take Berry down and attempt a submission. Instead, Ken chose to stand and trade with Berry, a strategy that has cost him before. Maybe he was upset that his son had lost earlier that night, but he sucked. He didn't use Berry kicks for a single leg takedown, he didn't attempt a takedown when Berry charged.


Dan Severn beat Buzz Berry in June of 2006 via rear naked choke, maybe he should go on and fight in Elite XC.

Here are the results.

Robert Berry def. Ken Shamrock via KO R1 3:26
Masakazu Imanari def. Jean Silva via submission (heel hook) R1 2:30
Rob Broughton def. Neil Grove via decision
Mustapha al Turk def. Gary Turner via submission (strikes) R1 3:19
Tom Watson def. Pierre Guillet via TKO (strikes) R1 2:05
Ivan Serati Roman def. Webber via TKO (strikes) R1 0:48
Henrique Santana def. Michael Johnson via unanimous decision
Aisling Daly def. Aysen Berik via TKO (strikes) R1 1:49
Giorgio Andrews def. Ryan Shamrock via TKO (injury) R1 5:00
John Hathaway def. Marvin Arnold Bleau via TKO (strikes) R1 1:32
John Phillips def. Jake Bostwick via TKO (strikes) R1 4:10

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