Monday, March 3, 2008

Cung Le - Top Notch Middleweight

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Cung Le (black gloves) vs. Brian Warren
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Cung Le (5-0) is definately one of the top middleweight fighters outside the UFC/WEC banner. The problem arises in judging just how good he really is. Watching his highlight reel obviously does not tell you the whole story behind the Cung Le, but you can tell Cung has serious talent. His kicks come from the left and right legs, are brought high and low, spinning back, forward and with some heavy force.

On December 15, 2001, Cung defeated Mr. International Shonie Carter by unanimous decision in San Jose, CA to win the IKF Pro Light-Heavyweight San Shou World Title. San shou is composed of Chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking and grappling which is interesting to watch. (see below) Watching Cung Le being able to catch kicks and blast opponents to the ground definately leads to the thought that Cung would excel in MMA.

Sure enough Cung Le has won all five of his professional mma fights under the Strikeforce banner. Unfortunately he may not be leaving this organization thanks to him training near San Jose, the base of Strikeforce, and his penchent for acting (check him out on IMDB). His past four bouts have come against quality competition. Jason Von Flue (12-9), whom Cung Le beat after the fight was stopped by cut, has victories over IFL vet Savant Young and TUF vet Alex Karalexis (9-3). Cung Le TKO'd Tony Frykland (14-9) who has victories over UFC vets Jonathan Goulet, Eugene Jackson, and Zack Light. In his latest win, Cung picked apart another TUF vet, Sammy Morgan (19-10, victories over Duane Ludwig, Aaron Riley) eventually getting a TKO in the third after a devastating body kick.

With his unorthodox and relentless style, I believe Cung Le will be a premier mixed martial artist and has the potential to go toe to toe with someone like Anderson Silva. With Strikeforce beginning to snatch ex-UFC and Pride talent, there are challenges out there. Of course, the upcoming match-up with Frank Shamrock has hardcore fight fans going crazy.
Cung Le Highlight

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