Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MMA Blaster's Post Published on MMA Junkie

Thanks to mmajunkie.com for posting my story on his Sunday Junkie segment. Here is the post:


Tank’s hairy belly and Kimbo’s glistening beard cast a shadow over this years best knee-to-cranium knockout. The strike was delivered by Yves Edwards to snatch his third victory in a row and an upcoming title fight against K.J. Noons. The Berto v. Edwards fight was very entertaining. Edwards and Berto traded leg kicks that cracked like Indiana Jones’ whip. Edwards gave up a takedown, almost got trapped in a tight guillotine choke, remained calm and worked himself out while raining down punches. The fighters were stood back up, and Berto secured a tight single leg. With Edwards bouncing on his plant leg defending the takedown, Edwards used the free leg like a spring and jumped, smashing the knee directly to the temple of Berto for the KO. The precision, technique, balance and sheer athleticism was something to marvel at. Regardless of organization, that KO is a must see.

-by the MMA Blaster

+I'll be submitting another post to Sunday Junkie this week, if for some reason it isn't published, it will be up here.

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