Monday, March 10, 2008

MMA Blaster on MMA Junkie Part 2


If there is one constant rule in MMA, it's that a good heavyweight fighter is hard to find. That's why the UFC should cultivate its own talent with the six-week training course and tournament better known as "The Ultimate Fighter." The obvious obstacle is finding quality competitors, and the twist would be to go international. Advertise it as U.S. vs. World. Get the eight U.S. big boys by sniping some ex-IFL and EliteXC talent, fighters from YAMMA Pit Fighting's eight-man tournament, and tryouts. Internationally, find the fighters from top camps in Russia, Brazil, Australia, Holland, France, UK, Japan and Canada. The dynamic in the house and gaps in cultures would be unlike any other season. For coaches, rather than a six-month layoff for top fighters, go old school. For the U.S., Dan Severn, Don Frye or Mo Smith. For World, Marco Ruas, Pedro Rizzo or Oleg Taktarov.


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