Thursday, April 16, 2009

TUF 9 - USA Team Complete, Ep 3

This weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter showed the remaining two slots of Team USA and some highlights of Junie Browning-esqe behavior. The fighters were also got a look at the house.

With two days to the last two elimination fights for Team USA, the fighters needed to stay somewhere and were sent to the house. The suburban Las Vegas house has been airbrushed to the T, with Team USA and Team UK areas. Team UK and USA meet and all seem to be on good terms. All fighters agreed that nobody would mess with anyone's food this season or sleep.

Then the Junie antics start, this time in the form of Robert Browning, Junie's little brother. The guy drinks a ton with two days before the fight, and acts like a complete idiot. While fighters are talking and starting to bond, Browning throws eggs onto the basketball court. He also calls out numerous fighter, proclaiming that he can beat everyone in the house. Meanwhile, all the other fighters are begging Jason Dent to beat him up.

During the training sessions both teams go pretty hard. Dan Henderson remarks that even if you have a little wrestling, you'll probably be better than Team UK. He said that ground and pound and takedowns could get a USA fighter into the second round. Team UK spends the time mainly sparring. Then we get to the last elimination bouts.

Kiel Reid vs. Frank Lester- In the beginning of this fight, Reid lands a decent right hand and gets a takedown as Lester looked stunned. From there, Lester looks to stand and Reid attempts a guillotine. After Lester gets out of that position, Reid looks for a takedown. While standing, Lester begins setting up a kimura, and with Reid looking to drop him with a double leg to take the fight to the mat.

Unfortunately for Reid, he knocks himself out going for the slam takedown. Lester capitalizes, working the kimura all the way through the full motion of the shoulder. Steve Mazzagati stops the fight very late, as Reid is KO'd and getting his shoulder mangled. Lester makes the house with his 3-2 record. Lester has won 3 fights in a row, his last over Lance Evans (2-3).

Jason Dent v. Robert Browning- Dent and Browning square off throwing decent kicks and punches each other's way. Browning isn't bad on his feet, with decent kicks, but then he tries to take Dent down. That proves to be his undoing, as Dent stuffs the takedowns and eventually starts to pound on Browning. With Browning on all fours, Dent throws punches to the body and knees. Unwilling to go for the choke, Dent lays on the punishment until the ref steps in.
(Jason Dent pictured)

*The episode wraps with Team USA winning the coin toss to pick the first match-up.

Team USA WW- Mark Miller, Damarques Johnson, Jason Pierce, Frank Lester

LW- Richie Whitson, Santino Defranco, Cameron Dollar, Jason Dent

Team UK WW- James Wilks, Nick Osipczak, Dean Amasinger, David Faulkner

LW- Andre Winner, Jeff Lawson, Martin Stapleton, Ross Pearson

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