Thursday, April 23, 2009

TUF 9 Episode 4 - UK Strikes First

With the Team USA having the first pick, Dan Henderson chooses Mark Miller to face Nick Osipczak. It was learned at that point that it had been two weeks since the Team UK fights, while Team USA was running on 4 days rest. Miller had taken quite a bit of punishment in his fight, but Dan Henderson was impressed with him.

Team UK coaches were given the opportunity to watch Miller's fight as they hadn't seen it live. They were able to pick apart his fighting style while watching on video without the distraction of the other coach. Bisping found chinks in Miller's armor regarding him throwing jabs and the times he drops his hands.

Osipczak explained him being in Kung Fu for two years and dominating before getting into MMA. Osipczak was ready for a brawl and the two fighters delivered. Bisping believed the best plan would be for Osipczak to go for the takedown.

Miller and Osipczak slugged it out for two rounds. It seemed at times that Miller landed some power shots, but Osipszak took everything he had. When Osipszak got the fight to the ground in the first, Miller nearly got a kimura lock. After a scramble, Miller almost got trapped in a guillotine. He nearly tapped, but eventually got out of the move.

In the second, both fighters brawl against before Osipczak attempts another takedown. This time Miller goes for his own guillotine. However, Osipczak gets side control and gets out of the submission. From there, Osipczak gets some clean elbow shots in. After they get to the feet, Osipczak looks down and fires a leg kick to Miller's head knocking him out. He explains that it is the oldest trick in the book.

This was a very entertaining fight, but one Miller would sure like to do over. With the win, Team UK gets control of the fight selection for the next fight at 155 pounds.
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