Thursday, April 30, 2009

TUF 9 - Ep 5 - Split

This episode featured two fights, one in the 155 and one in the 170 division. At this point in the show, Team USA is getting frustrated with the situation of living without family, friends, television, books, music, ect.

Team UK seems to be having fun, playing soccer in the backyard, or garden in Team UK talk. To make matters worst, USA teammate Cameron Dollar rubs most the wrong way and brags about sexual exploits and fighting skills. Dollar seems like a young guy who needs to be humbled.

The first fight features Andre Winner v. Santino DeFranco. DeFranco seemed to be landing kicks and working for a takedown to begin the round. Winner was content to throw counter punches and take his time. Near the end of the round, Defranco attempted a single leg and missed. Instead of regrouping, he pulled guard.

From there, DeFranco came close with a triangle, omaplata and armbar. Winner powered out, and started throwing punches. Instead of trying to get up or rolling, DeFranco did what he did in his first fight, sat there, covered up, and took punches. This time, the ref called a stoppage.

In the second fight, Dean Amasinger fought Damarques Johnson in the 170 pound division. Johnson was calm before the fight and really seems to enjoy his craft, saying a prayer inside the cage before the fight. Mysteriously, Team UK coach Michael Bisping was nowhere to be found.

During the fight, punches were thrown and Amasinger found himself in the same position as his first fight, nearly caught in a triangle. This time, Johnson finished off the triangle, forcing a submission in the first round.

As it stands, Team UK leads 2-1.

Second Round UK- LW Andre Winner, WW Nick Osipczak
Second Round USA- WW Damarques Johnson

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