Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video of the Day - Miller v. Hose

Here is Jason "Mayhem" Miller v. Kala Hose from Kingdom MMA - Miller v. Hose. The fight was for the Kingdom MW belt. Mayhem's next match will be against Jacare Souza in the next Dream show.

Mayhem has gained increased popularity for his MTV show Bully Beatdown. There have been varying opinions as to the shows authenticity that has featured former Elite XC fighters Jake Shields and Jon Murphy.

*Thomas "Wildman" Denny was the only pro fighter not to get the majority of the bully's fight purse. The bully basically stalled for three minutes during the grappling round, then took a 3 minute beating in kickboxing.

*Jon Murphy probably laid the biggest beatdown on his opponent, getting all $10,000 to go to the "victim." The bully got worked over in the grappling and dislocated his shoulder after eating a few punches during kickboxing.

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