Monday, April 20, 2009

Gerald Harris Exclusive Interview

The following is an exclusive MMA Blaster interview with former Ultimate Fighter 7 competitor and IFL veteran Gerald Harris. MMA Blaster thanks Gerald for his time and wishes him the best in his martial arts career.

MMA Blaster: Gerald, you recently won the NAGA Arnold Classic World Grappling Championship in the Advanced No Gi division, what was that experience like?

Gerald Harris: It was crazy just to be able to compete. A year ago, I couldn't have even made it past the 1st round, but I've been training in so many great places that my BJJ has developed very fast. Oh yeah, I got the s*** choked out of me in the semifinals but somehow managed to wake up and win the match.
(Gerald after winning the NAGA Arnold Classic)

MMA Blaster: How has your outlook on the fight game changed since your time on The Ultimate Fighter?

Gerald Harris: It may sound dumb, but I'm glad that I lost on the show. It made me work harder to improve and not rely on wrestling. I was blessed to be on the show and became good friends with Rampage Jackson. He showed me what its like to be a true champion. I witnessed some highs and lows of his career so the strong comeback victory over Wanderlei Silva was great. After attending his camps and training with some other great fighters, I realized that I wasn't ready for the UFC. I also left Team Quest for personal reasons, nothing against the members team. It's been a year now and I'm on a 5 fight win streak. I'm getting better everyday, so when I return to the UFC I'll be there for good.

MMA Blaster: What doors has The Ultimate Fighter show opened for you?

Gerald Harris: Somebody actually opened the door in the public restroom one time while I was taking a dump and asked me if I was on TUF 7. Along with that, a million myspace notes and crazy exposure. I have many sponsorships, a new agent, and I'm networking all over the country. I will take full advantage of TUF exposure and experience in order to improve my career.

MMA Blaster: Where have you been training lately? How has your training been going?

Gerald Harris: Training is great and I have a big list of places that I've been to. Arizona Combat Sports, Oklahoma Fight Club, Tulsa Combat Fitness, Wolfslair Gym, Big Bear Training Center, Ghost Dog Boxing, along with private lessons for BJJ and boxing.
(Gerald and Rampage at Wolfslair)

MMA Blaster: You have three victories in C3: Fights since the show, what is it like fighting in that organization?

Gerald Harris: It's pretty cool, they allow me to get some experience against tough guys then pay well so that I can focus on training and not just fighting to survive. I will be fighting for them on March 28th, so that will make win number 4. My goal is to stay unbeaten and learn from each fight.

MMA Blaster: Do you have an upcoming fight in C3? Do you know your opponent?

Gerald Harris: My opponent has changed numerous times, some people think they wanna fight me, but they have no idea how much trouble they are gonna be in once they lock that cage. I'm a different man when the cage is shut. I'm out for blood. They usually back out at the last minute. We have a few names, but nothing solid yet. I just train hard and prepare for everything.

MMA Blaster: Since The Ultimate Fighter you have managed to pull off four straight victories outside the UFC, five overall for an (11-2) record, how close are you to making it back to the UFC?

Gerald Harris: Honestly that's a question I can't answer. I could be (20-2) and it probably wouldn't matter. I have to wait until the window opens and the roster isn't so full. I'm not in a rush to get in the UFC, but I would love to be there. I'm gaining so much experience right now, that I'll be ready when they call. Until then I must continue to whoop ass.

MMA Blaster: What are your current goals in MMA?

Gerald Harris: I will be the champion of any organization that I join.

MMA Blaster: Would you be open to fighting in Japan? What do you think of the fight game and fans in Japan?

Gerald Harris: I'm open to fighting at the mall if it's sanctioned and pays well! Japan is great, I have a few friends that fight over there. My boy King Mo will be fighting this weekend and he's a huge deal in Japan, they love him. I've heard nothing but great things about Japan. I'm open to all options and I have some good offers that I can't discuss in this interview.

MMA Blaster: Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

Gerald Harris: My momma and daddy. My momma use to whoop my ass when I was little so I can take a beating and keep rolling. My daddy raised me to be a responsible hard working man. Other than those two it's Rampage, King Mo, and Kenny Florian.

MMA Blaster: Not to get political, but what are your feelings about Barack O'Bama getting elected? I was at the rally in Grant Park, it was a very intense and uplifting experience.

Gerald Harris: Barack is my cousin, so I was real happy for him. Just kidding, but really, I used to be a history teacher, so to witness an African-American become President is an honor and big step for the world. We were slaves in the mid 1800's and were barely allowed to go to school in the mid 1900's so it shows all people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

MMA Blaster: Any sponsors or supporters you want to give a shout out to?

Gerald Harris: Oh yeah, I gotta put them in here,,, Marc Ecko Clothing line, Unbreakable Mouthpieces,, Brookside Tattoos and Piercings and a special shout out to my boxing coach "Sweet Pea Macho Peppe Johnson" that's a long name huh?

MMA Blaster would like to thank Gerald for his time and candid answers. You can find more on Gerald at

(A picture perfect slam against Benji Radach in the IFL)


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Thanks for posting bro, work is boring right now.

Midwest Fight Fan said...

Cool interview and pics. I always thought Gerald should have gotten to fight in the finale.

Anonymous said...

Harris seemed like a cool guy on the ultimate fighter show. I remember him slamming his guy all the time.

Big Perm said...

Gerald seems like a really cool guy, hope to see him back in the UFC.

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Hope to see him in the UFC again.