Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicago Golden Gloves

I went to Chicago's Golden Gloves on Friday, April 17th to see some classic Chicago boxing. The amateur boxers fight with enormous heart and with general admission for $15, and $4 Corona beers, you get a good bang for your entertainment dollar. Famous champs include Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Tom Zbikowski and Michael "The Lord of the Dance" Flatley. Zbikowski, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, was in attendance and gave out a trophy.
(Zbitkowski giving out a trophy, I think to Jim Murphy)

The event featured close to 2,000 or so spectators in the gym. The crowd featured many of the boxers friends, family and training partners. Irish Jimmy Murphy probably got the biggest applause of the night. Murphy didn't disappoint in his fight, throwing fast and powerful combinations with good footwork. He seemed to land the hook to the head and body, having his opponent stunned at one point.

Another stand-out performance was that of Amanda Ginski. Ginski had some good power punches, showing good head movement and patience. There were three female fights on the night and all the ladies fought hard.

Results from Friday:

F119SN Natalie Malik DEC over Amanda Reicke
119O Darres Smith DEC over Jose Luis Fernandez
125SN Francisco Saldana DEC over John Chow
F139 Devin Young DEC over Adrienne Nicolosi
147 Michael Logan DEC over Jaime Herrera
147F Kristin Gearhart DEC over Holly Ford
156 Jim Murphy DEC over Jaumor Willaims
156F Amanda Ginski TKO, R2 over Tanisha McKinty
165 Tracy Rollins DEC over Ramon Valenzuela
200 Lamar Fenner DEC over Robert Jekabson
201+ Dana Boughton DEC over Brandon Lee

(Devin Young red v. Adrienne Nicolosi blue I believe)

(Gail Fisher from Comcast Sportsnet presenting a belt)

More Golden Gloves info at www.chicagogoldengloves.com.

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