Thursday, June 12, 2008

TUF Jesse Taylor Edition

This episode featured mainly on fighter Jesse Taylor. Taylor is a 6 foot tall mound of muscle that can eat and drink whatever he wants while still being a monster. He has a tremendous amount of energy, and after a drunken episode bounces around the house like a crazy person.

Of all people, his opponent Tim Credeur is the one to tell Jesse to settle down as he is in the semi's. They decide a soak in the hot tub to help Jesse sober up. Moments later, Jesse has on a swimsuit and proceeds to pee himself in the house before going outside. While in the hot-tub, Jesse tries to hold his breath to sober up, but ends up having to be dragged out of the hot-tub as they think he might be drowning himself.

The actual fight between Tim and Jesse was one where Jesse was able to take down Tim and throw down elbows and punches. Tim was so close to a submission victory with numerous arm-bar and triangle attempts, but just missed it every time. In the second, he used butterfly guard and actually came close to having Jesse's back, but it just didn't work. Tim fell one submission to short, and Jesse won the unanimous decision.

After the show is where the controversy starts. There is a video shown that seemingly shows someone kicking out a limo window before being arrested. It was pretty crazy to say the least. Dana ends by saying that, "he can't be in the Finale." Whether it is Jesse, or the winner of CB v. Amir is not known. It really could be any fighter who is still left on the cast.

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