Sunday, June 1, 2008

Elite XC CBS Style

Elite XC on CBS got off to a bang, and then lingered for the rest of the night. Suprisingly, Elite XC was able to stuff more filler in their broadcast than a UFC Fight Night. The first two fights were over in the first minute, yet no undercard fights were broadcast.

Brett Rogers def. Jon Murphy via. KO (Punch) R1 1:01- This fight was the debut of mma on CBS. Rogers and Murphy threw some sloppy punches before the clinch. Then Rogers wailed Murphy with a knee and two rights. Murphy dropped to his knees like a sack of bricks. Rogers, with Big Black from "Rob and Big" in tow, let everyone know that he had just "did work." Later, Rogers called out Kimbo Slice.
Brett Rogers vs Jon Murphy

Joey Villasenor def. Phil Baroni via. TKO (Punches) R1 1:11- These two did what everyone thought, stood and traded punches. Baroni took too many shots to the face and eventually went down. Villasenor has three wins in a row now, and will more than likely be a challenger for the MW belt soon.

Gina Carano def. Kaitlin Young via. TKO (Doctor Stoppage) R2 3:00- Carano and Young traded some big shots in the first and Young looked as though she had a chance to pull of the victory as the round was pretty even. In the second, Carano began to find her mark with punches and clinch work. After fighting off a rear naked choke attempt after a kick, Young's eye was too swollen for the Doctor to allow the bout to continue.

Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith No Contest (Thumb in the eye) R3 3:26- The first round saw Lawler getting the most of the combinations and Smith backing up. The second was pretty even as both fighters let everything hang out. Both got bloodied up and the war was on. Unfortunately, as Smith threw a punch in the third, Lawler accidently put a finger in Smith's eye. Smith wanted to continue after a minute or so, but the fight didn't continue.

Kevin Ferguson def. James Thompson via. TKO (punches) R3 0:38- This fight was ugly. The ref was horrible. Thompson for some reason didn't think his massive swollen ear would be a problem in the fight. In the third, Kimbo punches it and it exploded. The ref stopped the bout after that. The ref had absolutely horrendous stand-ups in this fight, some when Thompson was in side control dropping elbows on Kimbo. Kimbo may or may not have tapped to a guillotine choke as well. The stoppage was also not good.

Online Fights-
Joe Sampieri def. Mike Groves via. TKO (Strikes) R1 4:58
Zach Makovsky def. Andres Soares via. Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00
James Jones def. Calvin Kattar via. Sub (Rear Naked Choke) R1 4:49
Wilson Reis def. Justin Robbins via. Sub (Rear Naked Choke) R1 4:06
Matt Makowski def. Nick Serra DQ (Wouldn't Get Up From Butt Scoot) R2 3:57
Carlton Haselrig def. Carlos Moreno via. TKO (Corner Stoppage) R1 5:00
Chris Liguori def. Jim Bova via. TKO (Cut) R1 4:31

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