Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TUF Episode 5 - Marshall Law

The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter showcased an appearance by one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time in Anderson Silva. Watching him hit the pads was intense, knocking pads out of the hands of the holder. The heighth he can put on a kick is remarkable.

Anderson also seemed to run a solid practice from what I saw. John Polakowski remarked that Anderson was the coolest guy ever. I'd agree with that assessment.

Everyone suspected Junie Browning would get booted from the show for jumping the cage fence. However, the NSAC representitive was not present and Junie was saved.

After a couple innocent pranks, the hi-jinx started to get a little out of hand. Team Mir decided to get to Efrain by hiding his underwear in the freezer. While that wasn't bad, the real kicker was putting itching powder in the beds. That got the Team Nogueira to retaliate with putting sardines and sardine oil around Team Mir's beds.

Vinny Magalhaes is not a fan of practical jokes and did not respond well to the fish. He kind of reminded me of Francis from the movie Stripes. "If anyone touches me or my stuff, I'll kill ya." Haha. As everyone except Efrain was sleeping, he ended up with the wraith of Vinny and Vinny peed on his pillow.

After a truce was called, the fight match-up between Eliot Marshall and Shane Primm was announced. The bout was a very short one, as Shane looked apprehensive striking. He then went in for an ill advised superman punch. Marshall countered with a takedown, got Primm's back, and eventually got the rear naked choke.

With Mir's first victory, he will be picking the next 155 pound fight, which was announced at the end of the show as Junie Browning v. Roli Delgado.
*Pic of Eliot Marshall from photobucket

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