Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elite XC - Kimbo Goes Down

Elite XC: Heat proved to be a very entertaining card from top to bottom. Like every single Elite XC event broadcast so far, they had a ridiculously long and drawn out opening. Once the fights started, there were sparks a plenty as every fight was entertaining. A constant of the night was the over the top announcing from Elite XC broadcaster Mauro Ranallo. Rua, Nelson and Daley all came very close to seizing victory, but came up short. The second round losses were much closer than it looks on paper.

Benji Radach def. Murilo Rua via TKO (Punches) R2, 2:31- Benji Radach started the fight with agressively pursuing Rua with a punch cominations. Radach had the edge for most of the round landing punches until the fight went to the ground. From their, Rua was almost able to get a knee-bar and heal hooks, but was just a step behind. Rua also nearly got a kimura.

In the second round, Radach became stunned from blocking kicks and punches. However, an ill-fated muay thai kick left Rua on his back. He didn't cover quick enough as Radach landed a massive punch to a grounded Rua, that was followed by more punishment. Luckily, Rua was ok, and Radach left with his hand raised.

Gina Carano def. Kelly Kobold via Decision (Unanimous)- Kobold had a pretty clear game plan, push Carano to the fence and try to get a takedown. Unfortunately, Carano didn't give up that easy. Carano landed the majority of punches and all the kicks to get the victory. Kobold fought with heart, with her closest shot at victory when she took Carano down in the second landing some strikes. Once Carano faces an elite grappler with superior strength and submission skills, she will be in trouble.

Andrei Arlovski def. Roy Nelson via KO (Punch) R2, 3:14- This was not the stand-up slugfest that it was thought to be, but Nelson did have a chance at beating the former UFC superstar Arlovski. When Arlovski looked to have a takedown from the body-lock in the first, he was quickly reversed by Nelson. Nelson maintained top position, looking for a submission from sidemount and north south position, which was unsuccessful. When there was a lull in action, it was stood up where Arlovski held an advantage.

In the second, Arlovski dominated the stand-up and was able to land a devasting uppercut followed up by a punch or two. After Nelson hit the canvas, the ref called the fight. Maybe a little pre-mature, but Arlovski was landing everything in the second.

Jake Shields def. Paul Daley via Submission (Armbar) R2, 3:47- After this fight, Shields has got to know that his stand-up skills still need some work. Daley, an excellent muay thai practioner, punished Shields on occasion, making him pay for takedown attempts. Once Shields had Daley down, he was in obvious trouble and mounted easy. However, at the end of the first, Shields botched an arm bar and Daley was able to land some good elbows.

In the second, Daley was again able to punish Shields, however Shields got the takedown, mount and the armbar. In the post-fight interview, Shields indicated that he was interested in moving to 185 to challenge for the title and get two belts. For that to happen, Shields would have to vastly improve his stand-up skills as Daley was clearly better on his feet. Shields, a BJJ black belt is an excellent fighter, however he has to minimize punishment taken on takedown attempts.

Seth Petruzelli def. Kevin Ferguson via TKO (Punches) R1, 0:14- Petruzelli landed a couple karate style front kicks before connecting flush on a right hand. This punch sent Kimbo to his knees, where Petruzelli landed a couple more punches before it was called. If experienced, Kimbo would have attempted to roll to his guard, but he obviously still needs much work.

Elite XC broadcaster Mauro Ranallo or Gus Johnson called it, "the biggest upset in mma history." "The biggest fight in mma history." Guys, that is NOT correct. Have you ever seen Matt Serra v. Georges St. Pierre? It was really not even an upset, as any mma expert would put the former UFC veteran over Kimbo in a heartbeat.
*Smart MMA Blaster readers had Kimbo losing to Ken Shamrock 6-7.

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos def. Yoko Takahashi via Dec(Unanimous)- There were some highlights of this fight shown. They featured Cyborg pushing the action and landing highkicks.
Nicolae Cury def. Jorge Bouchat via Sub(Reverse Triangle Choke) R1, 1:35
Bryan Hamade def. David Gomez via Sub (Guillotine) R1, 2:03
Mikey Gomez def. Lorenzo Borgomeo via Sub (Armbar) R2, 4:06
Conor Heun def. James Edson Berto via TKO (Punches/Elbows) R2, 2:18

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