Thursday, October 9, 2008

TUF Episode 4 - Efrain Backs It Up

In another fantastic episode of TUF, we mainly see another breakdown of fighter Junie Browning. In the previous episode we had been clued into Junie's inability to drink alchohol. In this episode we see a mean drunk come out again, but this time we see that he is crazy with or without the bottle.

The episode kicks off with the fighters watching UFC 84. This is a huge treat for the fighters as they haven't been able to watch any television so far during their stay in the house. Shane Nelson and Junie, both Mir team 155'ers, decide to break open some wine. After a few bottles while watching the show both guys snap.

Prior to this incident Shane Nelson had been actually a nice guy according to most fighters. However as someone put it, he has the alchohol tolerance of a 16 year old girl. Shane begins to pick a fight with Efrain Escudero and Roli Delgado, pushing and harassing the fighters.

Junie meanwhile torments the 205 pound guys, mostly Shane Primm and Kyle Kingsbury at this point. It comes to a head when Junie throws nuts and eventually his wine glass at Kyle. After it breaks and the prospect of cutting yourself is realized, Junie and Shane are banished to the downstairs to find somewhere else to play.

Unfortunatley, more drama insues as Shane and Junie throw a bunch of furniture in the pool. Krzysztof Soszynski, who had enough of Junie's antics that day, decided it would be a good idea to throw Junie's clothes in the pool. As predicted Junie snaps and pushes Krzysztof, Bader, Kyle and everyone else. For the second episode in a row, Junie apologizes and cries.

Dana appears the next day and calls Junie and Nelson's behavior retarded. He gives both a second chance, but tells Nelson that he is fighting next. According to Ryan Bader's blog, he stated that Dana said he wouldn't have cared if Krzysztof or Bader had knocked Junie out. Team Nogeria decides what better than to have Nelson fight one of their top dogs Efrain. Efrain was happy about the fight as Nelson had tried to pick on him the day before.

The fight was a two round affair that saw Efrain doing all the work. The only danger Efrain came in were a couple high kicks that he blocked. Efrain will have to watch his head movement in further fights. Efrain landed some good knees in the clinch. He was able to get a takedown in round one and land a couple strikes.

In the second round Efrain was able to get a takedown and get control. Nelson was able to try to get an ankle lock, and when unsuccessful Nelson ended up in top position. Nelson had to work fast to try to win the round, and after taking some bait from Efrain, ended up in a triangle choke. Efrain worked it over and Nelson tapped.

Afterward, Junie started yelling loudly from outside the cage that the UFC didn't need another boring wrestler. That statement is almost comical as Efrain just finished his opponent with a triangle in the second round. It was a very exciting fight. Nogeria and Efrain implied from inside the cage that Junie is next. Junie in turn jumps over the octogan fence ready to rumble and the episode ends. Talk about a cliffhanger.
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The next episode will feature a guest appearance with Anderson Silva, so don't miss it. He looked to be almost kicking the bags out of guys hands.

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