Thursday, September 25, 2008

TUF 8 Episode 2

In this episode, the next 8 fighters to enter the house is determined. The episode wastes little time as virtually all we see are the preliminary fights. I was very dissapointed to see the two most experienced 155 pounders fight in the first round. I was also dissapointed to see two of the most experienced 205 pounders fight eachother. Whatever, it is easy to be critical of the UFC.

Westly Murch v. John Polakowski- This was the fight between two interesting characters. Murch is from England making the trip over to represent his country. Polakowski has ADHD and enjoys giving people hugs. After a brief exchange, Murch spent a great deal of time on top of Polakowski. However, Polakowski got in quite a few strikes from the bottom. When they stood up, Murch let loose a snapping low kick, however it was checked by Polakowski. The bell sounded right after that kick and Murch fell to the ground. He was in some serious pain, but came out like a true warrior. However, it didn't take long before he couldn't put any pressure on the leg and went to the ground.

Polakowski, who was very happy wasted no time in giving Big Nog, Dana White and Frank Mir hugs. Frank said that if John was on his team there would have to be a 3 second rule on the hugs.

Sean O'Connell v. Shane Primm- O'Connell spoke about his love of Forrest Griffin and having watched every season of TUF. However, he was simply outmatched by Primm. After taking some knees, O'Connell got a double leg takedown. However he is immediately defending an arm-bar, then a guillitine, then is submitted with a rear naked choke.

Ido Pariente v. Efrain Escudero- This match should have taken place in the semi-finals, not the prelims as these the most experienced of the 155 pounders. Ido was able to get a trip takedown on Efrain, however Efrain soon gets to his feet. Efrain then gets his own takedown and gets Ido's back, securing a rear naked choke victory.

Ryan Lopez v. Tom Lawlor- Lopez is a bounty hunter by day, and fighter by night. While Lopez came out absolutely shredded at 205, he probably should have worked on his technique a little more. Mir talks about how he likes Lopez' raw talent and athletisim. However, this isn't a body building match, it is a fight. Lawlor takes Lopez down, rains down punches and gets a rear naked choke.

Roli Delgado v. George Roop- These two very tall 155 pounders. It was a sloppy fight that was shown pretty in highlight fashion. Roop outworks Delgado and gets the unanimous decision victory.

Ryan Bader v. Kyle Kingsbury- This was a very questionable match-up as they have the 2nd and 3rd highest win totals of any other 205 pounders. Kingsbury was able to get the best of Bader standing landing some punches. However, Bader was able to get some slam takedowns and pushed the pace of the fight. In the second round Bader was able to secure an arm-triangle right before the bell for the submission win. On a side-note, Kingsbury looked good.

Charles Diaz v. Shane Nelson- According to Frank Mir, Diaz was talking a huge game before the fight, hyping himself up. Well, don't believe the hype, as Nelson worked his kicks and overwelmed Diaz taking the unanimous decision.

Eliot Marshall v. Karn Grigoryan- This was actually a pretty entertaining fight, but one in which I thought Marshall should have won in the first two rounds. When there was a third round I was kinda shocked. While in the third, Marshall almost had a triangle, got mount, opened up a cut on Grigoryan, and almost had him finished. By some fluke occurence the judges handed the victory to Grigoriyan. I don't know what they were watchign during the fight, but it wasn't the fight. Those judges have to be reprimanded.

Anyway, it is disclosed that Antwain Britt, who had won in the previous 8 fights, broke his hand and will be out for 6 weeks. That opens the door for Dana to bring back Eliot Marshall. Justice is served I guess.

*On a sidenote- That was one of the worst decisions I have seen in a while. I hope NSAC does something about those judges.

Krzysztof Soszynski (15-8, 3-4 IFL)
Ryan Bader (7-0)
Vinicius Magalhaes (2-2)
Eliot Marshall (5-1) replaces Antwain Britt (3-1)
Shane Primm (2-0)
Tom Lawlor (4-1, with DQ loss to Shane Primm)
Jules Bruchez (0-0)
Karn Grigoryan (4-0)

Shane Nelson (9-3)
"Junie" Allen Browning (2-0)
Efrain Escudero (10-0)
George Roop (8-3)
Phillipe Nover (5-0)
Brian McLaughlin (5-0, wins in Ring of Combat)
John Polakowski (2-1, all three fights v. Olaf Alfonso, 2 in the WEC)
Dave Kaplan (3-1)

-Looking at those records, I'm sure you can tell why I was a little upset that 205 pounder Kyle Kingsbury at 7-1 didn't get an easier first round fight. Also Ido Pariente at 155 who is 13-4 didn't get an easier fight.

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