Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TUF 8 Trailer and Cast

*Joe Duarte

Here is the trailer for the next Ultimate Fighter show that debuts September 17th after Ultimate Fight Night 15. The coaches are former HW Champ Frank Mir and current HW Champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Not really sure why they didn't have heavyweights on the show as it is a division the UFC needs to bolster. Plus, the coaches are heavyweights.

The cast will feature a roster of light heavyweights and lightweights. Like last season, there will be 32 fighters coming in with 16 making it into the house. Thankfully, my original rumored contestants were all confirmed, plus I have added those that have popped up on Sports Illustrated.

LHW- * means seen in first episode (W/L next to name)
*Krzysztof Soszynski (15-8, 3-4 IFL W), Ryan Bader (7-0), *Ryan Jimmo (6-1 L), *Lance Evans (2-2 L), *Vinicius Magalhaes (2-2 W), *Antwain Britt (3-1 W), Shane Primm (2-0), Eliot Marshall (5-1), Tom Lawlor (4-1, with DQ loss to Shane Primm), Kyle Kingsbury (7-1), *Jules Bruchez (0-0 W), Karen Grigoryan (4-0), *Jason Guida (23-16 OVERWEIGHT), Ryan Lopez (5-4), *Eric Magee (3-1 L), Sean O'Connell (SI has 1-0, I found 0-1), *Mike Stewart (L)

LW- * means seen in first episode (W/L next to name)
*Joe Duarte (3-0 L), Shane Nelson (9-3), *"Junie" Allen Browning (2-0 W), Efrain Escudero (10-0), George Roop (8-3), Spencer Paige (5-2), *Phillipe Nover (5-0 W), Wesley Murch (3-2), *Jose Aguilar (L), *Fernando Bernstein (2-0 L), Rolando Delgado (7-3), Charles Diaz, *Brandon Garner (4-1 L-NC), *Brian McLaughlin (5-0, wins in Ring of Combat W- NC), Ido Pariente (13-4, 1-1 in K-1 MMA), John Polakowski (2-1, all three fights against Olaf Alfonso, 2 in the WEC), *Dave Kaplan (3-1, W)

Ryan Bader
^Ryan Bader is pictured above. He is a former 2X All-American wrestler at ASU.

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