Thursday, May 8, 2008

TUF Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter got off to a bang. The fight between the ever intense Matt Brown and obnoxious Jeremey May promised to be one fought with malice. Pre-fight Brown discussed his run-ins with the law, brushes with death and drug and alcohol problems. During the training clip, you saw him go head to head with Forrest for some time after the bell. Brown's teammates have the utmost respect for him, and make some Chuck Norris like jokes about him.

Conversely, May seems to be hated by just about everyone in the house. The lime juice in the dip pissed Brown off, but everyone in the house seems to be annoyed with him. Riddle willfully gave Brown information that May had suffered a knee injury (which May later said wasn't bad). Furthermore, in training, May hasn't been doing much of anything except ride a stationary bike.

The fight kicked off to May throwing some big unorthodox hay makers. As the punches and kicks came, Brown blocked them and denied May's offense. As Jeremy May ran out of gas, Brown brought the pain, and a couple knees and a kick to the face later, the fight was over. Brown had ice on his foot and 10K in his pocket, and May had a broken nose and ego.

The second fight saw Daniel Cramer fight Luke Zacharich. The fight broiled down to a Frye v. Takayama slug fest. Pretty boy Cramer can really take a shot, as can Zacharich. After both burned a significant amount of energy in the first, Cramer took advantage. After getting the mount, he worked over Zacharich for the TKO victory.

I was very happy to see Rampage get a victory. Rampage's impromptu break down of the Cramer v. Zacharich was pretty funny. His spirits were lifted to say the least. Here is a recap and breakdown of who is left in the tournament:

Team Forrest 4 - Wins- Jesse Taylor, Tim Credeur, Dante Rivera, Matt Brown
Left to fight- Amir Sadollah, Cale Yarbrough, Nick Klein

Team Rampage 1 - Wins- Dan Cramer
Left to fight - Gerald Harris, CB Dollaway, Patrick Schultz


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