Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TUF Elite 8

After tonight's episode of The Ultimate Fighter only 8 fighters remain in the TUF tournament. In the final prelim fight, CB Dollaway was able to dominate Nick Klein in the first round with a barrage of elbows, leg kicks and punches. As usual, Steve Mazagatti had to warn about punching to the back of the head.

In the second round CB pressed the action even more eventually sinking in a guillotine choke for the tapout. To his credit, Nick Klein was able to fight back pretty well and took quite a bit of punishment. The closest Klein came to victory was an attempted knee-bar in the first.

Rampage gave some expert advice when CB was encountered with a deep kimura attempt barking, "put yo' knee on dat elbow!" Needless to say, CB was able to escape.

*Here are the TUF Elite 8*

CB Dollaway
Dan Cramer

Amir Sadollah
Tim Credeur
Matt Brown
Cale Yarborough
Jesse Taylor
Dante Rivera

Quarterfinal Match-ups
1. Jesse Taylor v. Dante Rivera
2. Amir Sadollah v. Matt Brown
3. Dan Cramer v. Tim Credeur
4. CB Dollaway v. Cale Yarborough

*CB Dollaway circa ASU wrestling days

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