Friday, May 2, 2008

Brett Rogers and Dave Herman

With the number of talented heavyweight prospects on the decline, Elite XC has two of the sports brightest. No, I'm not talking about over hyped Kimbo Slice. Rather, Brett "the Grim" Rogers (6-0) and David "Pee Wee" Herman (10-0). In their 16 respective fights, all have ended early, without a judge's decision. Both are also have height, each standing 6'5".

At Elite XC's "Street Certified" event, the heavy-handed Rogers was able to KO Kimbo's next opponent in the first round, James Thompson. Rogers next fights John Murphy in the May 31st CBS show. Meanwhile, Herman was able to TKO Mario Rinaldi in the third round. Herman is scheduled to fight Ron Waterman on June 14th in Elite XC Hawaii.

Rogers HL, basically four fights shown one after another^

Herman v. Ferguson

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