Monday, January 14, 2008

WCO Card Down the Drain

The World Cagefighting Organization was supposed to have a star studded lineup of ex-UFC talent for its Saturday show. They included UFC 14 and 15 champ Mark Kerr, ex-UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez, UFC vets Renato Sobral, Joe Riggs, David Loiseau, Tiki Ghosn and Carmelo Marrero. According to, the weigh-in on Friday lasted five hours and Ghosn and Marrero's opponents failed to appear. On Saturday the card disintegrated, the fights didn't happen, and hopefully the fighters got a 20% cut.

I was looking forward to surfing the net to find the WCO fights today. Since there are none to share with you, here is a clip of David Loiseau's buddy Georges St. Pierre showing us how to do the Superman punch.

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