Friday, January 4, 2008

Best Figher of All Time?

CBS Sportsline's mma section has a tournament posted of the best fighters of all-time.

The way it works is that each fighter fights in his prime. No gi. Modern MMA rules with 4 oz. gloves. A very interesting concept in that you take Ken Shamrock in his prime, 1996, Dan Severn in his prime, 1995, Sakuraba in his prime, 1999. They say it is based on pure ability so weight is not a factor. In my mind weight would be a factor, and would like to see them split into a lightweight tourney and heavyweight tourney.
I've divided the fighters into an under 180 bracket and over 180 bracket. As you could imagine, Rich Franklin would probably be pretty depleted making 180. Liddell, Wanderlei Silva and Jackson could go into the heavyweight tourney at 225.

Light Weight Tourney- Below 180
1. Matt Hughes
16. Miguel Torres
9. Cung Le
8. Takanori Gomi
11. Matt Lindland
6. Frank Shamrock
4. Royce Gracie
13. Masakatsu Funaki
3. BJ Penn
14. Jason Miller
12. Rich Franklin
5. Sakuraba
10. Dan Henderson
7. Anderson Silva
15. Urijah Faber
2. Georges St. Pierre

Heavyweight Tourney- Over 180

1. Fedor Emelianenko
16. Don Frye
8. Dan Severn
9. Rampage Jackson
6. Wanderlei Silva
11. Vitor Belfort
4. Josh Barnett
13. Tito Ortiz
14. Mark Coleman
3. Rickson Gracie
12. Ken Shamrock
5. Chuck Liddell
7. Cro Cop Filipovic
10. Bas Rutten
15. Kevin Randleman
2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

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