Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yarennoka!!! Results

Yarennoka show does not dissapoint - Thoughts by the MMA Blaster

The M1 Yarennoka card was held in Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan this New Years Eve. It was solid from top to bottom as everyone expected. Watching the video's online, I could see it was the top card of the New Years collective. Here are the results:

Michael Russow def Roman Zentsov - Sub (North/South Choke) R1 2:58
Tatsuya Kawajiri def Luiz Azeredo - Dec.(Unanimous) R2 5:00
Makoto Takimoto def Murilo Bustamante - Dec. (Split) R2 5:00
Mitsuhiro Ishida def Gilbert Melendez - Dec. (Unanimous) R2 5:00
Kazuo Misaki def Yoshihiro Akiyama KO - (Kick) R1 7:48
Fedor Emelianenko def Hong Man Choi - Sub (Armbar) R1 1:54
Hayato Sakurai def Hidehiko Hasegawa - Dec. (Unanimous) R2 5:00
Shinya Aoki def Bu Kyung Jung Dec. - (Unanimous) R2 5:00

The Fedor fight was interesting in that Hong Man Choi is just so massive. I didn't think I'd ever see Fedor intentionally pull guard but he did, and took a couple big fists to the face to show for it. But, it only took two arm bar attempts to seal the victory.

Bustamante didn't lose his fight, you can never leave a fight to the hands of the judges. Melendez' undefeated streak is over, he didn't look very good out there. Russow looked pretty good in his first fight on a big stage, but Zentsov looked like he just wasn't on his game in that fight.

Akiyama is hated by the Japapese fans after the incident in his fight with Sakuraba. Apparently he was wearing an oil to make his skin more slippery. The fight with Misaki was very entertaining, the ending is pretty spectacular.

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