Thursday, May 14, 2009

WEC 41 Preview

This Sunday will feature and awesome WEC card with Urijah Faber facing Mike Thomas Brown in a rematch. In the previous fight, Urijah Faber attempting a spinning back elbow, only to be punched in the jaw by Brown. With Urijah stunned, it was all Brown from that point.

The line-up looks like this:


Mike Thomas Brown vs. Urijah Faber- This is a five round fight for the featherweight title. After defeating Faber for the title, Brown (21-4, 3-0 WEC) went on to destroy Leonard Garcia. In Brown's other WEC fight, he won a decision over Jeff Curran. Brown will look to use his size and strength advantage over Faber, utilizing his reach and neutralizing Faber's takedowns.
Mike Thomas Brown Pictures, Images and Photos
(Mike Brown pictured)

Urijah Faber is the previous WEC featherweight champ, winning the belt over Cole Escovedo, and defending five times. Urijah is an explosive grappler, with good striking and a never ending gas tank. He has career victories over Jeff Curran, Jens Pulver, Chance Farrar and Bibiano Fernandes.
urijah faber Pictures, Images and Photos
(Urijah Faber pictured)

Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson
Donald Cerrone vs. James Krause
Josh Grispi vs. Jens Pulver


John Franchi vs. Manny Gamburyan
Kyle Dietz vs. Charlie Valencia
Mike Campbell vs. Anthony Pettis
Antonio Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgensen
Frank Gomez vs. Noah Thomas
Seth Dikun vs. Rolando Perez

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