Thursday, May 14, 2009

TUF 9, Ep 7 - USA Downward Spiral

Team USA did not look good in this episode, despite coach Dan Henderson destroying Michael Bisping in a tennis match and pocketing $10,000. The $1,500 for each guy on Team USA would not be enough to lift everyone's spirits.

At the house, Jason Pierce comes off like this season's Captain Miserable, aka Charles McCarthy from Season 4. Pierce trains on his own and doesn't like taking direction, disenfects the house after Whitson gets Impatago, and complains about his hurt foot. When Jason Dent realizes some guys are talking trash in the downstairs room it adds to his frustration.

After the fight announcement of Ross Pearson v. Richie Whitson, they cut to Richie celebrating his birthday. On that night, it appears Cameron Dollar is having yet another meltdown. He misses his family and friends and is homesick. Dan Henderson lets Dollar know that it is ok to feel that way, but wants him to relax and eat a piece of cake.

During the fight of Whitson v. Pearson, Whitson does not look like the fighter who won his first fight. He looks slower, taking wilder punches, and getting into bad situations. After missed kicks, Pearson nearly gets Whitson's back. Whitson is able to get back up on most occasions, but the last one results in an arm-bar. Team UK is now dominating with a 4-2 lead and only 2 fights to go.

Next week we will see Jason Pierce v. David Faulkner or Jason Dent v. Jeff Lawson. Due to extreme foreshadowing seen on the show, there is a possibility Jason Pierce won't fight. If that is the case, expect Mark Miller to take his spot. Faulkner injued his leg in this episode during a sledgehammer drill but should be fine. Andre Winner put the sledge through the mats during this episode.

Team USA Second Round- LW- Cameron Dollar, WW- Damarques Johnson
Team UK Second Round- LW's- Andre Winner, Ross Pearson WW's- Nick Osipczak, James Wilks
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