Monday, May 4, 2009

Sengoku 8 Results!!

The 8th Sengoku show did not disappoint, delivering nasty knockouts and a couple slick submissions. The production values were on point in clear high definition.

Hatsu Hioki def Ronnie Mann via sub (triangle choke) R1, 3:09- Hioki stock continues to rise as he won again via first round submission. Istead of utilizing his reach advantage, Hioki brought the fight to the ground. Once the fight went to the ground, Mann was in serious trouble as Hioki attempted an anaconda then ended up in mount. Hioki transitioned to a triangle, then punched Mann in the head with the triangle in place until he eventually tapped.
(Hatsu Hioki pictured)

Michihiro Omigawa def Nam Phan via TKO (punches) R1, 4:52- Omigawa got his second straight upset win in this high paced fight. After Phan attempted a knee bar, Omigawa laid down a beating, getting clean punches and knees to a grouned Phan. After Phan eventually got to his feet Omigawa threw as many punches as possible until the bout was stopped.

Kazunori Yokota def Leonardo Santos via split dec- Santos was not able to utilize his reach advantage in this fight as Yokota was able to close the distance and inflict damage in the clinch. Much of the fight was spent on the ground, where Santos attempted submissions and Yokota escaped. Near the end, a couple head stomps by Yokota may have earned him the split decision.

Alexandre Ribeiro def Keiichiro Yamamiya via KO (punches) R3, 2:20- Ribeiro almost got an armbar as the round closed in the first round. After a second round may gone to Yamamiya, Ribeiro gained some confidence. Ribiero came out in the third firing, and eventually landed a clean right hand, followed up ly by a couple punches to get the KO.

Masanori Kanehara def Chan Sung Jung via unanimous dec- This has probably been the fight of the year so far as the action never stopped. Submissions, striking combinations, and everthing in between was thrown. I think I saw a kitchen sink fly in.

Marlon Sandro def Nick Denis via knockout (punches) R1, 0:19- Sandro wasted little time landing a nasty uppercut to drop Denis in 19 seconds.

Makoto Takimoto def Michael Costa via sub(heel hook) R1, 3:31- Both fighters ended up going for leglocks after Costa failed at a guillotine. Takimoto got to the right lock first and ended the fight.

Stanislav Nedkov def Travis Wiuff via TKO (punches) R3, 0:42- After eating 4 or 5 knees to the ground and being way up on the scorecards, Wiuff ate a punch in the third and got KO'd.

Akihiko Mori def Maximo Blanco via DQ (Ill. Kick) R1, 4:20- Blanco dominated in this fight, but threw a soccer kick to a downed Mori.

Shigeki Osawa def Kota Ishibashi via unanimous dec
Hirotoshi Saite def Yoshitaka Abe via sub(arm bar) R1, 2:52

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