Saturday, May 16, 2009

MFC 21 - Hard Knocks Results

MFC put together a pretty slick show on HDNet. The card featured a hand full of UFC veterans and up and coming fighters, John McCarthy as the ref, and Bas Rutten on the mic. UFC cast-off Jason MacDonald was cornering some fighters and has apparently signed a contract to fight in the MFC.

Marvin Eastman def Aron Lofton via TKO (Elbows) R2, :049- After absorbing a big knee directly to the groin, Eastman went to work. After a big slam takedown to close out the first round, Eastman took the fight to the ground again in the second. He then unleased a series of elbows to win the fight.

Ryan Jimmo def Mychal Clark via Dec (Unanimous)- Jimmo won the fight with takedowns and ground and pound. Antonio McKee, in the corner of Clark, yelled instructions throughout the bout, but Clark couldn't follow through. Clark did have one of the better breakdancing routines in his walk out.

John Alessio def Andrew Buckland via Sub (Rear-Naked Choke) R1, 2:53- Alessio was in a clinch before he worked his way out and unleashed a punch to Buckland's face. With his stunned, Alessio got Buckland's back and latched in the choke. He won the submission of the night bonus for his efforts.

Travis Galbraith def David Heath via Dec (Split)- These two basically stood and traded for three rounds. I thought Heath landed more power shots, and may have won 29-28. It was close, Heath may have wanted to get the fight to the ground at some point.

Bobby Lashley def Mike Cook via Sub (Guillotine Choke) R1, 0:24- Lashley came out and dominated the out-gunned Mike Cook. Lashley used his strength power as he got a front headlock and sprawled on Cook. Utilizing all his weight and strength, he choked Cook unconscious. Pretty crazy.

Trevor Prangley def Emanuel Newton via Dec (Unanimous)- The fight was for the MFC 205 pound championship, and was and entertaining battle. The action was pretty close, but I would score it for Prangley due winning the ground battle in round one and a big time high kick to the face right at the buzzer. Unfortunately, the kick landed more with the foot rather than shin, but still landed clean and knocked Newton to the floor. Prangley laid on the canvas as well, with his foot turning red when he got to his feet.

Prangley admitted in the post fight interview that he hurt his foot in the second round. He hated to take Newton's belt with a close decision and said he would welcome a rematch. I had it 48-46 for Prangley, would have been 48-47 if not for the Newton point deduction for a low blow.

George Belanger def Nolan Clark via TKO (Punches) R1, 3:40
Dwayne Lewis def Jay Whitford via TKO (Punches) R1, 0:29
Jason Heit def Jeremy Combrink via Sub (Punches) R1, 4:17
William Richey def Ryan Fortin via Dec(Split)

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