Friday, March 20, 2009

Sengoku 7: Excitement

The last installment of Sengoku 7 delivered on many levels with exciting fights from beginning to end. The action in the featherweight tournament was fast and furious, with Nam Phan and Denis showing knockout power to slick Sandro and Hioki submission victories. Kim Mo again put on a show, busting a pearl white robe out of the closet.

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal def Ryo Kawamura via unanimous dec- King Mo domining the action and defending his kingdom. Much like a repeat of the Lesnar v. Herring fight, King Mo got takedows at will dominating Ryo. In the first, Mo landed some slams, and throughout the fight, got Ryo's back throwing knees and punches. While Kawamura was able to last the entire fight, he took quite a bit of punishment, including devastating knees to the hamstrings.

Jim York def James Thompson via KO(punch) R1, 4:33- Both fighters stood and traded punches, but York got to Thompson first. A few punches rocked Thompson, who tried to get a double leg takedown. However, York would not allow a takedown, and near the end of the first round threw a nasty punch which sent Thompson to the canvas.

FW Tournament:

Hatsu Hioki def Chris Manuel via sub (arm bar) R1, 4:12- Hioki showed superior grappling skills as he outworked Manuel, eventually getting a beautifully executed armbar in the first round.

Nam Phan def Hideki Kadowaki via TKO (punch) R1, 3:09- Phan and Kadowaki threw as many punches as you could fit into 3 minutes in this fight. But Phan had the more accurate strikes, throwing a devastating right hand which leveled Kadowaki.
(Nam Phan pictured)

Michihiro Omigawa def LC Davis via unanimous dec- LC Davis looked like he was fighting without energy throughout the fight. Omigawa got takedowns at will and was able to land punches.

Marlon Sandro def Matt Jaggers via sub (standing head and arm choke) R2, 2:57- Sandro was able to take Jaggers down at will in the first, but Jaggers always managed to get up and out of trouble. However in the second, with Bas Rutten and Jaggers corner thinking Sandro was stalling, the two made it to the feet. However, Jaggers left an arm out and Sandro sunk in a deep, nasty head and arm choke. Jaggers was unconscious very quickly.
*MMA Blaster Submission of the Night.

Masanori Kanehara def Jong Man Kim via unanimous dec- Kanehara won the fight with stining low kicks and controlling the action on the ground.

Chan Sung Jung def Shintaro Ishiwatari via sub (rear-naked choke) R1, 4:29- Jung came out throwing wild punches with Ishiwatari looking more conventional. However a looping punch found its mark and knocked Ishiwatri to the ground. From there, Jung pounced on his wobbled foe and finished the fight with a rear naked choke.

Ronnie Mann def Tetsuya Yamada via unanimous dec- This was an entertaining fight that featured kicks, knee bar attempts, takedowns, and sweeps. It was back and forth, and Yamada almost got an upkick KO. But Ronnie Mann pressed the action more and was closer to finishing the fight. Mann took the decision.
*MMA Blaster Fight of the Night.

Nick Denis def Seiya Kawahara via TKO (strikes) R1, 2:36- Denis may have entered the fight an underdog, but with emotion on his side he brought some serious thunder. He connected on a head kick early, then punches, another kick, and followed Kawahara to the ground throwing hammerfists until Kawahara's corner threw in the towel.
*MMA Blaster KO of the Night.

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