Thursday, January 1, 2009

T.J. O'Brien Update

MMA Blaster Exclusive on TJ O'Brien
(T.J. O'Brien pictured throwing punches)

MCC Featherweight Champ T.J. O'Brien will be defending his title against veteran fighter Chris Mickle at MCC 18: O'Brien v. Mickle. T.J. is an up and coming 145 pound fighter that has some serious submission skills. At 6'2" he usually has a size advantage over most 145 pounders. MCC 18 takes place on Friday, January 16th at the Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines, Iowa.

MMA Blaster: How did your last fight go against Will Shutt? Did fighting him for the second time pose any problems?

T.J. O'Brien: The fight with Shutt went a little longer than I planned. I took the fight on a couple weeks notice so I wasn't at my best. I still got the win early in the 2nd round.

MMA Blaster: How has your training been going? Who are you working out with now?

T.J. O'Brien: Training has been going great. I've been moving around from gym to gym and have been taking private jiu jitsu lessons with some great teachers.

MMA Blaster: Does your training change at all as it gets colder outside?

T.J. O'Brien: Since it has got colder outside my training has changed quite a bit. I love working outside with tires, car pushes, sprints and stuff like that.

MMA Blaster: Sherdog. com has you in a 6 way tie for fourth with 7 triangle choke wins in mma history, what's it about that particular submission that fits your game?

T.J. O'Brien: The triangle fits my game because of my long legs and flexibility. I also use the move for offense, most people just use it as a defensive move.

MMA Blaster: You next fight Chris Mickle on January 16th, what do you know about him? Will that fight be for the 145 pound title?

T.J. O'Brien: I am defending my belt against Chris Mickle. It should be the toughest fight I have had so far. He has good submissions and has fought a hand full of UFC veterans.

MMA Blaster: How has fighting for MCC been?

T.J. O'Brien: The MCC organization has treated me great and I've fought for them a lot. I still would like to get some traveling in so I can get a chance at some other fighters.

MMA Blaster: Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how do they contact you?

T.J. O'Brien: Yes, I am. Sponsors can contact my manager Shaun McDermott. His email is

*Veteran Mike Van Meer will also be fighting on this card.
*Check out for ticket information.

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