Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Video of the Day - GSP v. Penn

UFC 94 will feature a main event of WW Champ Georges St. Pierre v. LW Champ BJ Penn. The two fought previously at UFC 58 and St. Pierre won a razor thin split decision. The fight could easily have gone the other way.

Here is GSP's second pro fight against Justin Bruckman from UCC 10. At the time GSP was 1-0 and Bruckman 4-1. GSP's athletic gifts were already known despite this being his second fight.

St. Pierre v. Bruckman

Here is BJ Penn v. Duane Ludwig in K-1 MMA Romanex. At the time Ludwig was 10-2 and Penn was 7-1. Ludwig recently won over Yves Edwards via decision.

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