Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Reverend Looking For a Fight

Interview by MMA Blaster

I was able to catch up with The Reverend Chuck Grigsby while snowed in yesterday. As his contract with his WEC contract dissolved, Rev is actively looking for fights. He recently fought and won at MCC 17 in Des Moines, Iowa.

MMA Blaster- How did your fight go on November 26th?

My fight went well. My opponent changed at the last second, he was a former collegiate wrestler and now wrestling coach who was undefeated. At the time he was 6-0. I ended the fight with a KO in the first round, but they listed it as TKO because I didn’t know he was out for sure, and the ref pulled me off of him.

MMA Blaster- Did you take that fight at heavyweight?

No, at least this local promotion I fought for told me that they weren’t interested in having me fight the big guys because the talent pool is too lean. I'm not really interested in fighting at heavyweight unless its really worth my while.

MMA Blaster- Was that for a championship belt?

My last fight was my second title defense for MCC. Does that mean I'm undisputed? Tentatively I'm supposed to defend my other title late February but the contract and details still have to be worked out.

MMA Blaster- What is your MMA record now? How many of those wins came from a TKO or KO?

16 wins 4 losses, some databases have one or two fights missing but I think as far as KO and TKO that’s 11 or 12 of them.

MMA Blaster- Do you consider yourself a free agent?

Yeah, I'm free to fight anywhere I imagine. People, skeptics, fans were wondering what was up after my loss in June and the WEC getting rid of my weight class. I just fought and won an I'm ready to bang whoever and whenever my training and availability allows. I'm full throttle right now, I don’t care if I fight in front of 10 people or 10,000. Before my June fight I was on the shelf for about 7 months with getting the opportunity and then not being allowed to take any fights. I think that hurt me the most as far as my performance, so I just wanna stay active at least every other month as long as I'm healthy.

MMA Blaster- When is your next scheduled fight?

I have a possible deal set up with Legends Fighting Championship but contract and opponent is still in the works, same with my title defense, Victory Fighting Championship. I believe those will take place in the next couple of months or so.

MMA Blaster- Do you want to get a fight before that?

I want to have a fight in January, but now it the end of December so February would be the most realistic at this point.

MMA Blaster- Would you be willing to fight in the Chicagoland area?

I'll fight in Chi-Town to Japan to be honest.

MMA Blaster- You would be willing to fight in Japan?

Yeah, I've traveled all over the world but haven’t been to Japan yet. That would be hot. I was cornering my friend, Razak Al-Hassan, for UFC Fight For The Troops and Yoshida was fighting. I like his intensity and style. Even though he came up short that night, it would cool to train with or fight some guys over there.

MMA Blaster- Have you seen any fights that have taken place in Japan? What do you think of the fans over there?

The fans over there want to be entertained and seem to careless about the politics of the fight game. I think my style of stand-up is a good match up cosmetically for Japan, America, Russia, anywhere people love a fighter who finish fights.

MMA Blaster- How has your training been going since your November fight?

Very well. Not having to run my own gym has allowed me to concentrate on myself. I'm in the lane to be more successful.

MMA Blaster- Anything else to add?

If your interested or have additional questions or a potential fight you can reach me on my myspace fan site or email (just title it “FIGHTNIGHT” so I don’t delete it).

(Chuck "The Reverend" Grigsby pictured)

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