Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter 7 Premier

The Ultimate Fighter 7 did not waste anytime. After Dana White's usual speech he let everyone know they had 24 hours to make weight and 24 hours before the fight. Obviously that hurt a couple guys who came in heavy. Why these guys don't get close to their weight before getting to the show always puzzles me. The episode showed four fights in their entirety and four with highlights.

Winners Highlight Fights:
C.B. Dollaway (6-0)- He made quick work of his opponent with kicks and ground and pound. I am wondering if the coaches know about his wrestling credentials.
Dante Rivera (10-2)- IFL vet Rivera looked impressive in his highlights, carrying his opponent to his corner before finishing him with a kimura.
Nick Klein (3-0)- Klein owns three victories all by armbar, and in his match used an arm triangle to win. This was a highlight fight and not much was shown.
Paul Bradley (5-0)- This was the only time Bradley was shown, as he is rumored to be going to Elite XC. Dana took the time to bash Bradley's performance as a takedown fest.

Winners full fights:
Jeremy May (6-5)- May fought Rampage's friend Doug Roberts and beat the snot out of him. Robert's looked tenative and not completely focused as May's stand-up looked to be on point. May's losses have come mainly via submissions, and he may have a tough time with an elite wrestler.

Cale Yarbrough (0-0)- Cale absorbed a little bit of a beating in the first before coming back and taking it to John Clarke (6-2). After winning the first round, Clarke looked completely gassed. This is understandable as he had dropped 17 pounds the day before. In the second Clarke just didn't have much left.

Amir Sadollah (0-0)- Sadollah is 5-0 as an amateur, and may have lost the first round due to a takedown and some big punches at the end of the round. In the second, Amir was able to land some strikes before securing an armbar. Sadollah probably had the upset of the night beating UFC vet Steve Byrnes (6-1).

Mike Dolce (4-4)- IFL vet Dolce came alive after trading slopping punches with Prince McLean (4-5). Dolce controlled the pace and land punches flush that eventually knocked Prince unconscious. Dolce has mainly fought at 170, and the lack of having to cut alot of weight is a definitive advantage in the TUF tournament.

*Dolce celebrating his victory in the IFL, his IFL record was 1-3 with decision losses to top competitors in Delson Helano (13-4), Antonio McKee (21-3), and Lyman Good (7-0)

*I'm interested to see if there is any mention of the IFL as two of their former fighters are already in the field of sixteen, and Gerald Harris is likely to go there as well.
*Also interested to see what happens with Paul Bradley. He was basically shunned in this past episode.
*The next show will also show 8 fights, probably 4 full and 4 with highlights again. Apparently there is a big KO coming our way.

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