Thursday, April 10, 2008

TUF Episode 2

This episode was all fights which pleased me. The match-making was somewhat puzzling in this episode as some of the experienced guys were paired up and some of the the experienced guys were paired. Luke Zacharich explained on his MMA Junkie blog that Dana White actually walked around and randomly paired up fighters. One of the most idiotic things I've heard of Dana do for awhile.

Matt Serra trained fighter Dan Simmler (1-0) learned the hard way that he needs to improve his standup and takedown game. After a first round that where Matt Riddle (1-0) took him down and then Simmler tried subs, the second was fast. As Simmler threw a lazy kick, Riddle dropped him with a right hook directly to jaw dropping him to the canvas. Two more jaw punches followed as Simmler was looking to the stars. After a serious of moaning and a possible broken jaw, Simmler asked, "what happened, was it practice or a fight?" Ouch.

The second fight saw Luke Zacharich (7-1) v. Patrick Schultz (5-1). These two probably should have been fighting some of the 1-0, 0-0 guys as both looked seasoned. Zacharich was in a little trouble after a Schultz takedown. Zacharich's wrestling seems to be good as he got decent position and dropped punches. Schultz' frosted tips didn't prevent Zacharich from eventually getting his back and a rear naked choke. Zacharich probably needs to

Tim Credeur (9-2) took out Erick Charles in a workmanlike performance. He pushed Charles to the fence, took him down, and got the armbar. He is a BJJ blackbelt from Louisiana. Credeur is a legit threat, at (9-2) his two losses have come in Bodog to Chael Sonnen (20-9) and Joey Villasensor (25-6) in KOTC.

Aaron Meiser (2-0) v. Brandon Sene (2-0)- After exchanging kicks and knees, Sene got a takedown eventually got the rear naked choke. The mohawked Sene was gassed at the end.

Gerald Harris (6-2) v. Mike Marrelo (6-1)- IFL vet Gerald Harris used slams, punches to the face, elbows to the face to eventually get the decision. Harris' entry makes all three IFL fighters in the 16.


Jerimiah Riggs (1-0) v. Dan Cramer (0-0)- Dana what were you thinking with this match-up? Horrible match making, I feel sorry for Marrelo and Schultz.

Nick Rossborough (8-3) vs. Jesse Taylor (6-2)- Taylor got a takedown, punches, and then a rear naked choke for a victory. Taylor has a couple quality wins and a couple losses to MMA vet Kenny Ento and TUF 3's Jesse Forbes.

Josh Hall (3-2) vs. Matt Brown (9-6)- Matt Brown despite being a little small at 185 used his experience and skill to beat Josh Hall with 9 seconds left in the round.

*We learn the teams next week.

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