Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yamma Pit Fighting

I am intrigued by this new fight league that alleges "On the street it's against the law, in the pit it is the law". This is due to what they claim is a fighting surface that is revolutionary, and my love for the tournament. The card has been changing quite a bit keeping Yamma alive on internet forums. The whole promotion has overtones of "Bloodsport", and I wonder if Chong Li and Frank Dux will be battling it out.

Oleg Taktarov (221.2) vs. Mark Kerr (266.2)- Mark Kerr emerged as the late replacement for what was originally Don Frye. Oleg looks to earn his second straight win since his comeback. Kerr is looking to build on his 2 fight win streak since his comeback from his own personal demons.

Patrick Smith (240) vs. Eric " Butterbean" Esch (416.2)- Originally Pat Smith was scheduled as a replacement for Don Frye but that changed as he replaced mma veteren Gary Goodridge. Pat Smith should try to keep the Bean moving as he weighed in a a fat 416 pounds. We'll see what strategy Smith employs.

8 Man Heavyweight Tourney: Rumored that fights will be one round of five minutes and athletes will be inspected by a doc before the fight.

I have ranked them according to my rankings:

1. Ricco Rodriguez (27-8)(264)- The former UFC heavyweight champ recently lost a split decision to Junior Silva. He was also on Celebrity Rehab (although I don't know when it was filmed. He is a substitute for Rex Richards (4-1) and hopefully will lay everything on the line for these short matches. He looked a little chunky at the weigh-ins at

2. Travis Wiuff (49-11)(242)- Currently on a five fight win streak all by early stoppages, after fighting 9 times in 2007. Normally fights at 205, so will be giving up some pounds. Most impressive record and experience(UFC, IFL, Pride) out of the group, and should get the #1 Seed. Travis occasionally fights at 205, so I was surprised at the 242 pound weight.

3. Chris Tuchscherer (11-0)(264)- The North Dakota prospect is one of the biggest in the group stepping in around 260-265. The undefeated fighter only fought twice in 2007 and recently in 2008, winning against Travis Fulton.
**I wouldn't be surprised if Fulton appeared in this tourney.

4. Tony Sylvester (10-1)(263)- At 6'3" 263 with ponytail, he will be one of the big boys. He has a victory over Sherman Pendergarst and 7 in a row stretching back to June of 2006.

5. George Bush (5-0)(231)- Only fought once in 2007, and not yet in 2008. Has one victory over a fighter with an above 500 record. Stated in a Sherdog story that he did not know anything about the fighting surface and that he may face Sherman Pendergarst in the first round.

6. Marcelo "Pato" Pereira (Not on Sherdog, 5-0 MMAJunkie article)(4-1 Yamma)(219)- I'm guessing his name was misspeled on the website. MMAJunkie has stated he is a world class grappler and BJJ Blackbelt. He came in as the lightest fighter, a tall 219 pounds.

7. Sherman Pendergarst (10-8)(265)- Sherman is an experienced fighter having appeared in the UFC losing to Antoni Hardonk. He is (1-4) in his last 5 fights however. He looked a little soft at weigh-ins.

8. Alexey Oleynik (6-3 under Oleinik Sherdog)(4-3 Yamma)(220)- 3 submissions in a row in a Polish MMA tournament since a Bodog loss to Chael Sonnen. Mostly competes at 205.

Announced match ups with MMA Blaster Seeds with weights:

(1) Ricco Rodriguez(264.6) vs. (5) George Bush (231.6)
(2) Travis Wiuff (242.8) vs. (6) Marcelo Pereira (219.4)
(3) Chris Tuscherer (264) vs. (4) Tony Sylvester (262.8)
(7) Sherman Pendergarst (264.6) vs. (8) Alexey Oleinik (220.2)

Alternate Bouts
Antwain Britt (228.2) vs. Bryan Vetell (266)
Lamont Lister (212.6) vs. Oleg Savitsky (199.4)

Standby Alternate
Ron Waterman (264.4)

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