Thursday, April 17, 2008

TUF Episode 3

This episode started as the respective teams were picked by Forrest and Rampage. Rampage won the toss and elected to choose the first fighter in CB Dollaway. Forrest went with the experienced BJJ blackbelt Tim Creduer. I was surprised to see Gerald Harris go as Rampage's #5 pick, Dante Rivera as Forrest's #6 and Zacharich go last overall. Here is what I think the teams broke down to:

C.B. Dollaway
Matt Riddle
Paul Bradley
Daniel Cramer
Gerald Harris
Mike Dolce
Jeremy May
Brandon Sene

Tim Credeur
Amir Sadollah
Jesse Taylor
Matt Brown
Cale Yarbrough
Dante Rivera
Nick Klein
Luke Zachrich

Afterwards, Rampage is talking to his team and sees a nasty rash on Paul Bradley's neck. It is found to be herpes, and subsequently he is booted from the show. It sucks that he had to give up his wrestling coach job, but with a rumored contract with Elite XC, I don't feel too bad for him. Guess he should have been packing Valtrex. In his place comes Patrick Schultz, one of the few guys who didn't get hurt in his fight. I would have taken Mike Marrelo if I was choosing.

The first match pits Mike Dolce v. Jesse Taylor. Taylor does look somewhat like a Big John McCarthy and Nick Cage love child. Rampage checks up on his team while at the house and talks about life and fighting. He also asks about what his fighters do for a living outside the ring, interesting that Matt Riddle has no driver's license and lives with his mom.

The first prelim fight featured Dolce stuffing Taylor's first takedown and landing some punches. Dolce eventually is reversed, and gives up his back. Dolce fought the choke, got a reversal, but the round was controled by Taylor. In the second Dolce landed another punch on his feet, but was taken down again. This time Taylor was able to land cleaner punches while on the ground, softening up Dolce for the choke. For his win and the stoppage, Taylor won 5K from Burger King, and 5K from the UFC. (How much he makes for just appearing on the show is a mystery)

*Jesse Taylor had a nice victory celebration, throwing up in a bucket.

Team Forrest has control to pick the next fight with the win- 1-0.

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