Thursday, April 24, 2008

TUF Fight For Matt Riddle

The latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter focused primarily on Matt Riddle. Matt seems to keep a constant smile on his face, which earned him the nickname "Chippa or Chipper" for Rampage Jackson. Riddle is an experienced grappler, and has heavy hands.

Meanwhile, Jesse Taylor celebrated his victory with some beers and his ringworm. What they showed on camera was definately the worm, and it was doused with Tinactin. I really hope that the UFC was smart enough to have people washing the mats everynight.

Riddle was picked to fight Tim Credeur by Team Forrest. Credeur is a Brazilian Jui Jitsu black belt, and it was mentioned ad naseum on the show. Riddle, while only have two pro fights, and being the youngest guy there, has quite a bit of confidence. He didn't allow any of Credeur's or Dante Rivera's mind games to influence him. At one point Dante asked to put up a $500 bet that he would win the fight, seems slightly illegal there buddy.

The fight saw Matt Riddle get the better of Credeur while on the feet. Riddle was also able to use his wrestling to get Credeur to the mat, where it was basically a stalemate. The first round could have gone either way as Credeur made a push at the end of the round. Credeur, who always wants to be in "wars" ate some punches in the second and was taken down. Unfortunately, Riddle couldn't hear Rampage yelling for him to let Credeur up. With about a minute or so left, Credeur swept Riddle, and got the submission arm bar finish.

Team Forrest is up 2-0

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